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Windows XP -"Open terminal here" shell extension?

Windows XP -"Open terminal here" shell extension?

I remember in Ubuntu, I think it was Gnome, Nautilus had this option in the right-click context menu that allowed you to open a terminal whose working dir was the dir you were visiting in Nautilus, not the default '/home' dir. Is there any way to get that kind of functionality in Windows XP?

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Guest [Entry]

"You don't need any tool to do this. Just a small Registry hack

Open a new file and paste this content, save as *.reg file

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@=""Open Command Prompt Here""

@=""cmd.exe /k pushd %L""

And then double click into this file. Here we go!"
Guest [Entry]

"I know this question is about Windows XP, but this is a sidenote:

These methods are unnecessary in Windows 7. In this version Shift Right-click allows access to a context menu with additional options, including open terminal here (more detail at download squad). Also holding down Control will open it with elevated privileges."