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Why is my dryer not heating clothes anymore?

Why is my dryer not heating clothes anymore?

I have a Frigidaire dryer, Model # GLGR341AS3 The dryer tumbles and runs no problem, but has discontinued to produce any hot air. I removed the exhaust vent in the back and checked to make sure it was not clogged which it was not. The lint trap is also clean. I do not know how to remove the back of the dryer to check if the coil has broken. Any ideas?


Looking at wiring diagram, it appears that there is a thermal fuse mounted behind the drum on the top right. Use a multimeter and check for continuity of that. The other possibility is the temperature switch, and if possible check that with a multimeter as well. Of course since it is a gas dryer, you should also make sure that/if the igniter works. ABCellars on here is an expert on the gas dryers, check his profile for his email. I am sure he is far more qualified to deal with this than I am. The parts and diagrams are available here. Good Luck

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