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Will not turn on, no red light

Will not turn on, no red light

I have a 65" UN65JS850DFXZA Samsung TV that will not power on. There is no red standby light. Nothing happens. Any suggestions would be great. It is not the remote. The set has power. I have unplugged the one connect device. I have left the set unplugged for hours. Still nothing.


On the power board, there is a relay (its what clicks when you power on). If you tap on the relay (becareful , use the plastic end of a screwdriver), the power should come back on. The relays are crap..

Hi @ Vivian Gosselin,

My Samsung tv Q95A sunddenly shutdown by its own. No electric cut-off , not even storm. The red doesn’t turn on as well ?

Every time I’ve experienced anything like that, I finally figured out I just need to pull the plug, do the 20 to 30 second wait, and plug back in. Always works for me.

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