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How to Change BPI ATM PIN Code?...

For new BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) ATM accountholders, once you apply for an ATM Card, you are given a temporary PIN (Personal Identification Number). BPI recommends you to change the temporary PIN within 2 banking days from receipt of your ATM Card. Why? This is because financial transactions are not allowed until you have changed your PIN.
A sample BPI ATM Card photo

To change your BPI ATM PIN, go to any BPI Express Teller ATM and follow these simple steps below:

1. In the ATM Machine, insert your BPI Express Teller ATM Card.

Choose the language: English or Taglish.

3. Select "Change PIN" from the ATM Menu

4. Change PIN. You will be required to enter your New PIN twice.

5. Then, enter your temporary PIN found on the card carrier given to you by the BPI Account Officer. Then press "ENTER"

Wait for the confirmation message that you have successfully changed your PIN:
"Successful P.I.N. Change. You may now start using your new P.I.N."

Take note: Your ATM Card will be deactivated if you do not change your temporary PIN within 2 banking days from date of receipt. Visit any branch to have your card reactivated. Full ATM services are available 1 banking day after you have successfully changed your PIN.

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Brenda R. Bolante [Entry]

Good day! May I inquire if there are any alternative ways to change my ATM pin online since we are experiencing COVID-19 pandemic and traveling is impossible? My depository bank is at Baguio City but I'm currently residing at Bangued, Abra. Your immediate response is highly appreciated.
alice manlapaz delda [Entry]

Hi Good evening.
I forgot my unique temporary pin so I guessed three times then the machine did not accept my changing of pin, what will I do to change my first trial of pin changing thankyou.
Gemma Pre [Entry]

Hi good morning!

I forgot my Pin Number. I tried it twice but system wont accept my Pin, Please send me step by step instructions on what I need to do to recover my BPI Card.
Ryan Rabelas [Entry]

Im using bpi debit card and when i change the pin on the indicated change pin date it says transaction not process. What should i do?
Jaira Marie Amurao [Entry]

Hi. When I tried to withdraw in ATM, it said that YOU HAVE NO RECORD WITH US. What should i do?
Ahra babarin [Entry]

Bat po ganun nag change pin na po ako pag kuha ng atm card tas nung mag wiwithdraw na ay "NO ACCOUNT AVAILABLE" pero naka lagay sa online ay may available balance
Girly Rollon [Entry]

good day po mam,.nagchange pin po ako mam tapos nagtry po ako magwithdaw dito sa probinsya namin hindi po ako makapagwithdraw..pwede ko po ba mapa activate ang pin ko na hindi pupunta sa bpi branch?.wala po kasing bpi dito sa probinsya namin...tnx.God bless!..
jam gonza [Entry]

Hi. My first time to check my balance in atm, it said that YOU HAVE NO RECORD WITH US. What possible solution you can advise to me? Thanks in advance.
cid sahaji [Entry]

i can change my pin, the machine indicate successful. last month i can withdraw my money.. today i withdraw the machine shows transaction cannot be processed.. i enter my pin correctly but the receipt shows, transaction cannot be processed. can i change my pin to new one?
Leslie [Entry]

I want to change my old pin, because it seems like someone's been getting money from my account without me knowing. Is the option "Change PIN" available for old bank accounts?
Marissa Estorque [Entry]

what will i do if the confirmation message says that transaction not allowed?
Edwin Tres Reyes [Entry]

what happen if the atm machine appeared account not available?
Diana Rose B. Umban [Entry]

Good evening! I would like to ask help on what to do after changing the temporary pin to a new pin? Should I go back again to a BPI bank or should I wait for how many days until I will receive any confirmation letter from BPI? I so didn't know what to do. This is my first time to have an ATM card. So kindly help me on this. I really don't know what to do. Thank you.
ime [Entry]

What should ihave to do. I cannot change my temporary pin after having it last 28 of may. The bpi agent give us specific date to renew the password but when i work this out, it say transaction is not allowed. Why?? Please answer..... Thank you
Maricel guzman [Entry]

I was not able to change my temporary pin after 2 days of having a atm savings account. I am currently in going abroad to work now. I left my atm card to my mother. Can she go to the bpi bank with my authourization letter to activate my new pin? Thanks
Marivic Aunzo [Entry]

I encountered error during change pin...3 times incorrect ...what should i do?
Marivic Aunzo [Entry]

i encountered during change of pin.3 times failure.what should i do?
Karen [Entry]

I can't change my pin.i opened my account last January 15, 2014 and I was told to activate it last January 21, 2014. I was not able to do so because of my busy schedule. I was trying to activate it earlier today (January 26, 2014) but " the transaction not allowed" sign appeared on the ATM machine. What shall I do? Thanks
kei [Entry]

kindly send me instructions on how to you use this new atm because i found hard time in changing the temporay pin. thank you
kei [Entry]

i can't change my pin after i enrolled in bpi. every time i tried to change my pin a "not allowed" sign always appeared. what shall i do? thank you.
Arvie [Entry]

Good Day,

Iv'e tried to change my BPI Payroll ATM card upon receiving it..
now I can't use it.. im getting an error when i tried to check my balance and none of the PIN works i used the PIN from the pin mailer and the one i set when i change the pin...
What will happen to my card and what is the best thing to do for this??

jayr [Entry]

how can I recover my pin number? i forgot my pin number can i recover it trough internet?
please help me for my problem.

thank a lot
Richard Adamson Abella [Entry]

I opened an account just now (Monday) in BPI and the employee told me that i will get my card on a friday. Having said that, i had the receipt with me now but i am still confused about the date release of the card. Is the card processing taking so much long?? Why not just give it on the day upon depositing.
Jescapaguio [Entry]

Lost ATM, how can I block it right now if all bpi banks are closed?....
Guest [Entry]

mary jane c. sureta, you need to go the BPI branch where you opened the an ATM account and get your ATM card reactivated.
Chloi [Entry]

Why po I can't widraw my money using my ATM eh correct naman po ung pin q pls help....
dona11 [Entry]

hello good day, i am really worried, this morning i got my newly replaced card from bpi then i went to an atm machine to activate my card i already input my temporary pin then i enter my new pin  but suddenly the atm machine said unable to process . i tried doing it again with the other bpi branch near the bpi branch where i made the first try but when i type the temporary pin it says that it was the old pin and then i type it again and again until i got incorrect pin 3 times.. i am really worried , the receipt says i got my pin tries exceeded sad please help
luis fernando aquino [Entry]

what the things that have to remember about bpi teller card
Karen [Entry]

Im having problems changing my temporary pin to my new pin.
I followed all the steps but then after the last step i did not see the confirmation that my transaction was successful that i can now use my new pin so i tried the whole steps and it says transaction cannot be processed so i tried on other BPI atm branch and it says wrong password 3x so i do not know what to do to resolve this problem and this is my first time to have any atm card. So im hoping for your consideration regarding my problem.
grace [Entry]

it was appearing unable to change pin why is that so
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