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Most Abused and Deceptive Product Demonstration Trick in Network Marketing (MLM) Business

Many networking marketing (MLM) companies claim that their products are super effective.
Distributors or MLM members are trying to prove the effectiveness of the product.

Obviously, they want to attract more recruits.

In their business opportunity meetings or seminars, they try to prove the effectiveness of the product by demonstrating to a person the effect of using, holding or carrying the product.

The speaker might call a participant to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

And it might go something like this:

Most Deceptive Network Marketing Product Demonstration

The speaker might request the participant to hold or carry the product.

Just by merely holding the product, the speaker is allegedly proving that the product is really effective. That it can enhance body's strength and flexibility.

After successful product test, the uninformed participants might made believed that the MLM product is super effective.

But don't you know that the result of the product test is just a body trick brought by the effect of Applied Kinesiology?

What is Applied Kinesiology? According to Wikipedia,

"Applied kinesiology (AK) is a technique in alternative medicine used to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness"

Look how Australian skeptic and author Richard Saunders demonstrates clearly the effect of Applied Kinesiology in our body:

Therefore, don't be fooled by an MLM product demo that uses the Applied Kinesiology.

It is one of the most abused and deceptive product demonstration in network marketing (MLM) business.

Have you seen this kind of trick in your MLM meetings?

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