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How to Type or Make One Half in Computer Keyboard

Are you searching for a way to type one half, as in ½ in your computer keyboard? You cannot find ½ in your keyboard, right? Making ½ symbol is very useful in making math formulas.
One half
one-half symbol

There are two ways to create a ½ symbol in your computer.

Type 1/2 - one slash two.
That is the simplest or easiest way but it consumes bigger character spacing.

Hold Alt in your keyboard while pressing 0189. 
This is a keyboard shortcut and is difficult to remember. The result symbol is ½.
  • Alt + 0189 = ½
For easy reference, just bookmark this page and come back whenever you need to make ½ in your computer.

Did you successfully create ½ in your computer?

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Name   (05 June 2020 5:42 PM) [Entry]

copy and paste ( Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V on the letter).

Ben   (06 March 2020 11:58 PM) [Entry]

it helped a bit, but all i did was copy paste which is cmd c to copy and to paste it is cmd v

Jessica   (28 December 2019 1:19 AM) [Entry]

Nice! Thanks so much!! Now to see if I remember that for next time.

Timothy   (29 July 2019 12:52 PM) [Entry]

Thank you!!!

Zina   (08 May 2018 9:27 AM) [Entry]

thanks a lot really worked!

Showkat   (30 January 2018 1:23 PM) [Entry]

It Really works, thanks a lot

frank   (26 September 2017 5:18 PM) [Entry]

You need to press " Alt " and keep it down, and while you keep it down, with the other hand you tipe 0189 with the number tab (the one you find on the far right of your keyboard). Once you finished the last number, you can release the " Alt " tab. Like so: ½

Ty   (22 March 2017 9:15 AM) [Entry]

you need to use the number pad to the right , not the numbers up top

Lucy   (27 January 2017 7:00 AM) [Entry]

The suggestion does not work. Nothing appears when this sequence is typed: (Alt + 0189 = ½)

Lucy   (27 January 2017 6:59 AM) [Entry]

The suggestion does not work. Nothing appears when this sequence is typed: (Alt + 0189 = ½)

Gordon Higginbottom   (11 January 2017 2:33 AM) [Entry]

I tried the symbols and alt+0189 but no half symbol to be seen.

The box I could copy and paste is far too large,

Any other ideas ?

Taffe   (29 October 2016 2:08 PM) [Entry]

Or simply; copy and paste.