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10 Indicators That You Might Need to File for Bankruptcy

10 Indicators That You Might Need to File for Bankruptcy
"""Consumer debt is a major problem in the present day. Americans have grown acclimated to spending more than they earn over the course of years (or possibly decades). Through the miracle (or burden) of a credit card and all its charging privileges, an increasing number of people have joined the financial club for those who are unable to escape their debt.

Bankruptcy may appear to be a frightening circumstance, but there are others that are more frightening, and you may already be familiar with them. Here are ten straightforward indicators that your debt is out of control and that you may need to consult a financial advisor or even a bankruptcy attorney:

You and your spouse argue every day because your debt is out of control and you have no solution in mind.

-- You wake up in the middle of the night or have difficulty falling asleep because you are constantly concerned about your impending debt issues.

-- You avoid answering the phone or feel anxious whenever it chimes because you know it's likely a bill collector attempting to collect payment.

-- you obtain a cash advance on one credit card to pay off another credit card.

-- You avoid going to the doctor despite having some disquieting symptoms because you cannot afford the insurance co-payment.

-- You are continuously requesting small loans from your friends in order to purchase groceries or make your car payment.

-- you are having trouble making the minimum credit card payments

-- You forego essential preventive care, such as a dental exam, because you cannot afford the cost.

-- You must use your credit card to make minor purchases at fast food restaurants and gas stations.

-- you are beginning to sell off some of your prized possessions at a garage sale or pawn shop in order to raise much-needed cash.

If any of these situations sound familiar, you are undoubtedly facing a financial crisis. You do not need to be starving or at risk of losing your home in order to contemplate bankruptcy. Consider the possibility if you cannot see yourself paying off your debts within the next few years while maintaining a reasonable standard of living. No one is suggesting that you face the risk of bankruptcy or make a decision without careful consideration. However, consulting a professional is advisable.""

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