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Bankruptcy Versus Debt Negotiation - The Quickest Ways to Eliminate Unsecured Debt

Bankruptcy Versus Debt Negotiation - The Quickest Ways to Eliminate Unsecured Debt
"As a result of so many people losing their jobs or having their income reduced, it is not surprising that debt has become such a problem for so many of us. Sadly, many do not realize that bankruptcy is not the only option for coping with debt, as numerous alternatives have been developed in order to save the economy from imminent collapse.When coping with debt that is unmanageable and on which you cannot afford to pay even the monthly minimums, bankruptcy can be a strong temptation due to its speedy effects. Most people are oblivious of the disadvantages of using this method: it will be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a loan for an extended period of time, and it will severely damage your reputation, which may affect your future employment. Due to the fact that it does not return any money to the creditor, widespread use of this method could be disastrous for the national economy, as creditors may be compelled to close their businesses due to a lack of funds.On the other hand, settlement is an entirely different matter: it allows you to pay half of your total debt in a manner that you can actually afford. By eliminating extra expenses, you will be left with essentially the same amount of money you borrowed in the beginning, but under much improved conditions, as your interest rate will be significantly reduced. Also, you will not experience any negative consequences, such as being unable to obtain financing or credit, because you are making an effort to repay your debt. And your creditor cannot later compel you to pay the amount you reduced, as it is typically covered by government funds.Overall, settling is preferable to filing for bankruptcy because it not only allows you to eradicate your debt in a reasonable amount of time, but also protects you from the negative consequences of bankruptcy.
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