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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - A Legal Way to Eliminate Debts and Keep Creditors at Bay

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - A Legal Way to Eliminate Debts and Keep Creditors at Bay
"The mere sound of the term ""bankruptcy"" causes many individuals to recoil in horror and disgust. For others, however, it is the only way out of a bottomless abyss of despair and agony caused by their ever-escalating debt. Each year, thousands of people are driven to the brink of financial ruin by unforeseen events such as divorce, medical emergency, death in the family, or job loss. Many others are in dire financial straits due to poor purchasing habits or the inability to make ends meet on their salary alone.The issue is that once the credit card is maxed out and there isn't enough cash to cover daily expenditures, these individuals fall deeper and deeper into debt as interest rates continue to rise and late fees accumulate. Before you realize it, you owe tens of thousands of dollars. Does this ring a bell? I guarantee it does!Listen, if you are losing sleep over how to get out of debt, if you are continuously worried about losing your property in a lawsuit, or if you are attempting to stop your wages from being garnished, your only legal option is to file for bankruptcy. Let's admit it. You have worked fairly hard throughout your entire existence, and you have simply hit a rough patch. You deserve a second opportunity to get your finances in order. Obama's stimulus package granted a second opportunity to Wall Street and numerous banks, so why not you?Look, tough economic circumstances require you to swallow your pride and prioritize the welfare of your family. Filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy is a less-than-ideal situation, but trust me, it is much simpler than most people believe and will not destroy your life permanently! Upon receiving your bankruptcy discharge, your credit score will continue to rise again. In other words, your credit will begin to recover, as opposed to remaining sick and in the low range, as is the case for those who fear bankruptcy and prefer to tote tens of thousands of dollars in debt, interest, and continually accruing fees.
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