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Credit Myths That Can Cost You

Credit Myths That Can Cost You
"""Your credit score is crucial to your financial well-being. As the primary determinant in obtaining loans and representative of you as a consumer, you must take care of your credit score. However, a number of credit fallacies affect the financial futures of a great number of individuals, which can be detrimental to their financial security.

All Debt Is Good Debt

Debt is a delicate matter that requires a delicate equilibrium in order to be advantageous. Because having too little or too much debt can harm your overall credit standing, many people find it challenging to determine the optimal amount. Good debt is debt you can afford to repay, have never missed a payment on, and keep at a manageable balance. The goal is to have two to three credit accounts with balances that are at or below 30 percent of the total credit limit. Exceeding this percentage or having too many lines of credit can be detrimental to your credit standing.

Filing for Bankruptcy Damages Credit

Numerous individuals avoid filing for bankruptcy for dread of credit damage. In reality, only delayed payments and delinquent accounts have a negative impact on credit scores. The damage done to a person's credit score long before they register for bankruptcy has already occurred. Whether a person negotiates a debt resolution with their lender or declares bankruptcy, the likelihood of credit damage is comparable. In fact, declaring bankruptcy can enhance your credit score. Once your debts are discharged, your credit rating is wiped clean, allowing you to begin rebuilding a positive credit history with a spotless slate.

Account Closures Improve Credit

Many individuals who are working towards debt relief believe that they should terminate accounts when they are paid in full. Actually, maintaining one to two active lines of credit with a balance of zero or less than 15% can be beneficial to your credit score. Creditors want to see that you are not a credit risk, which is demonstrated by the number of lenders who are willing to extend credit to you. A minimal or zero balance in an open account demonstrates that you are a responsible borrower. Additionally, it demonstrates your ability to maintain payments and provides a positive payment history.

Credit Following Debt Is Impossible

Although it may be difficult to obtain a new line of credit after a bankruptcy or debt problems, it is not impossible. There are numerous lenders who target consumers with weak credit or who have filed for bankruptcy. However, do not open a credit line just yet. Whether you are establishing your first line of credit or attempting to recover from debt, you deserve a decent line of credit. It requires time and effort to search around for the most advantageous line of credit. You may be required to accept a lower credit limit in exchange for a lower interest rate, but keep in mind that credit is a financial tool for your future, not a purchase convenience tool.""

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