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Top 10 Tips to Find and Buy the Best and Cheapest Cellphones in Cebu, Philippines

Are you searching for the best and the cheapest cellphones in Cebu, Philippines?

I know some of you wondered how and where to buy those cheapest cellphones here in Cebu.

In fact, the majority of us Filipinos wants to find ways to go for the cheaper mobile phones.

Others said, "The most important thing is to save money when buying something".

Especially when buying a cellphone, most us tend to buy the cheapest ones.

But be careful! What you see might not always the one you get.

What you think is the best and cheapest cell phone for you might be also the worst.

So, here I wrote a top 10 list to find the best and cheapest cellphones for sale in Cebu, Philippines.
Best and Cheapest Cellphones for Sale in Cebu Philippines

Top 10 Tips to Find and Buy the Best and Cheapest Cellphones in Cebu

1. Canvass

Some of you might be an impulsive buyer which is not good. If you wanted to buy a cellphone, do not buy right away. Canvass first or go to other stores and compare quality, specifications, and prices. In this way, you allow yourself to choose which is the best and to discover the things that you might not yet know about cellphones. You might ask, "where or in what stores in Cebu should I buy cell phones with the best deals?"

2. Choose wholesalers or suppliers of cell phones.

You can find great deals to wholesalers or suppliers of cellphones in Cebu. Wholesalers are the sellers or distributors of cellphones that come directly from manufacturers. Note: Wholesalers are different from retailers. Retailers are the ones who buy from wholesalers. So cellphone prices for retailers are more expensive because they add up profit margin to the original price of the wholesaler.

Based on my own experience, I usually buy cellphones from wholesalers in Colon St., Osmeña Blvd., Leon Kilat St., Manalili St., and in other nearby streets. I bet you can easily identify those wholesalers.

Why? because they are Chinese people, the Taiwanese and the Koreans.

They are the wholesalers for one main reason: they have contacts and close relationship with the cellphone manufacturers of other countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, etc..

These wholesalers offers the cheapest prices of brand new cellphones in Cebu. I will not mention the name of those stores. It's up to you to search for them. I already given you an idea.

And another thing is, I know if you go to Colon, you will see a lot of cellphone stores there which are owned by Muslims. Note: Those Muslims are just retailers. They buy cellphones from wholesalers. So I know that gives you an idea where to go. huh?

3. Pawnshops are also best places to buy cellphones.

There are a lot of pawnshops here in Cebu (Philippines). Which pawnshops could you buy the cheapest and the best quality cellphones? Now, As I said earlier - "canvass".

I will not mention any names of the stores here since it violates an article posting policy of this website.

As stated in the first tip, you should "canvass" pawnshops here in Cebu and compare. Remember pawnshops are selling second-hand items. Be sure to check the cell phone carefully. Ask for how many months it's being displayed, how long does the item is being held by the owner.

Check for scratches, LCD screen. Turn the cellphone on and test it. Make it a habit to check things carefully.

4. Search the best deals of cellphones in malls.

Malls? Do they have the best cell phone deals? It's a matter of money when you a buy a cellphone. If you can afford to buy an expensive but guaranteed best quality cellphone, then go for it.

Most branded, genuine, high quality but highly expensive mobile phones are being sold in the malls. Majority of the cellphone centers in the malls are branches of the main company or manufacturer of cell phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, Cherry Mobile etc. So the best cell phone deals remain decided upon your pocket.

5. Buy cellphones online.

What about online classified ads or e-commerce websites? Yes, this is the easiest and lazy way of finding a cell phone nowadays. If you know the internet well, I think you are likely to prefer buying a cell phone online such as in a classified ads websites. You can save more time and money when buying a cell phone online.

And when buying a cell phone online, it's safer to deal with local people in Cebu. It's hard to trust a stranger selling a cell phone online who is located outside the Philippines.

Before you talk to the seller of the cellphone, you should "canvass" first and choose which cell phone suits your needs and which is best for you. Know whether it's brand new or second hand. If it's second hand, how long does the seller used it? Are there any problems encountered by the owner when using the cellphone? Is it genuine, branded or clone (china phones)?

And be sure you know the current brand new price of the cellphone that you are planning to buy. You can determine the current brand new price of the cellphone by searching it in Google. You can compare the brand new price to the second-hand price. Compare also its competitor's price.

No need to go outside of your house. You can ask the seller of the cellphone deliver it for you directly in your house or office and payment shall be given right after.

6. Have a list of cell phone prices or cellphone brochures.

It helps a lot knowing the current cellphone prices through a distributor's price list or brochures.

If you know about current prices of cellphones, it will be easy for you to find and buy the best deals of cellphones in Cebu.

7. As for a warranty, agreement to change the item, or replacement for a defective cellphone.

It happens sometimes that your newly-bought cellphone might have defects or might not function well after a few days. So it's better to ask for more clarifications and agreement with the seller regarding warranty, replacement or *even refund of the money (*if it's second hand).

8. Know the personal details of the seller of the cellphone.

Sometimes your newly bought cellphone might have a problem or the unit is a stolen one. Buying a stolen item is punishable by Philippine law. The law that punishes the buyer of the stolen item is the Anti-fencing law. It might be helpful to write or record the name, the contact numbers, address and some reference persons of the seller. In case problems arise, you can call the seller immediately.

9. Don't buy a cellphone from a stranger in a dark.

In a dark place somewhere here in Cebu, what if someone by chance offers you your most favorite cell phone in the lowest price ever, would you buy the cellphone? "It depends" might be lurking in your mind. But what you aren't aware of is it's most probably a stolen cellphone. That's why don't take advantage of the offer. Someone might see and identify you buying the cellphone and you will end up to a police precinct and surrender the cellphone with your money unreturned.

10. The best tip is your common sense.

It doesn't take a serious hard work in your brain to discover which is the best tip for searching and buying the cellphone best for you. As long as you have money and a common sense to figure out which is right and wrong, you'll be able to find what you're looking for.

I hope that these top 10 tips help you a lot in finding and buying the best and cheapest cellphones for sale in Cebu, Philippines. - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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S.Boyd [Entry]

I want to purchase a simple cell phone for my sister who lives in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. I am trying to find out the best way to do this. Also practical in price. And if I do purchase it for her how can i guarantee it's not a scam and she receives what I purchase.
rinniel [Entry]

hello where can i buy cheapest cellphone in cebu?
Guest [Entry]

rinniel, go to the areas I've mentioned above: Colon St., Osmeña Blvd. Leon Kilat St., and Manalili St. - look for stores owned by Chinese or Taiwanese.
camille michiko gica [Entry]

do wholesalers (chinese) in downtown have original phones? maybe what they sell are the clone phones. i am interested to get in touch with them.
Guest [Entry]

camille, some of them are also selling original phones. But most of them are selling china or clone phones.
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