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2013 MTG-DepEd Qualifying Examination and International Mathematics and Science Competitions

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines will administer the 2013 MTG-DepEd Qualifying Examination on July 20, 2013 and the International Mathematics and Science Competitions on the following dates and venues:
Qualifying Examination/CompetitionDateVenue
Junior Balkans Mathematics OlympiadJune 21-26, 2013Istanbul, Turkey
Bulgaria International Mathematics CompetitionJune 28-July 5, 2013Burgas, Bulgaria
Brand's International Sudoku ChampionshipJuly 13-14, 2013Bangkok, Thailand
Po Leung Kuk Primary Math World ContestJuly 14-18, 2013Hong Kong
China Southeast Math OlympiadJuly 20-25, 2013Jiangxi Province, China
Environmental Math ContestJuly 23-26, 2013Hong Kong
Search for Math Wizard Math Asia Cup
Singapore International Math CompetitionAugust 2-5, 2013Singapore
China Girl's Mathematics OlympiadAugust 5-10, 2013Zhejiang, China
World Sudoku ChampionshipOctober 12-19, 2013Beijing, China
The Qualifying Examination aims to:
  1. seek to evaluate the breadth of the students’ mathematical knowledge and skills;
  2. select superior students in the field of Mathematics for further training and advancement;
  3. provide the Filipino youth the appropriate avenue to enhance their mathematical skills through phases of intensive Mathematics training programs; and
  4. develop the mathematical potentials of the Mathematics promising students to meet the international Mathematics Standards.
The target participants in the Qualifying Examination are the Math-inclined or Math-promising elementary pupils and secondary students from both public and private schools nationwide.

The students who will pass the Qualifying Examination shall be eligible to enrol as trainees in the 12-Saturday Mathematical Challenge for Filipino Kids Training Program (MCFKTP) and Young Mathematicians In-House Intensive Training Program (YMIITP) and Mathematical Olympiad Summer Training Program (MOSTP).

Participation of both public and private schools shall be subject to the no-disruption-of-classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005 entitled Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith.

More information may be inquired from:

Mr. Roberto Degolacion
Office Director, Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG), Philippines No. 700, Alvarez Subdivision
Pilar Street, Zamboanga City
Mobile Phone No.: 09 17-324-6302
Email Address: [email protected]

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