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Cebuana Lhuillier Customer Service Hotline
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Cebuana Lhuillier aims to provide not only employee satisfaction but also customer satisfaction. They promise that in all they do, they will execute with integrity, service excellence, care and social responsibility.

That's why, Cebuana Lhuillier provides a way to communicate with their customers through their Customer Service Hotline number.

You can contact Cebuana Lhuillier at the following numbers:
  • 899-6208 (PLDT Telephone)
  • 728-3826 (GLOBELINES Telephone)
  • 09178122737 (Globe)
  • 09188122737 (Smart)
You can also email them at their email address: care@pjlhuillier.com

Do you have any concern or problem with Cebuana Lhuillier?

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20 redcherry • 3:27 AM, 07-March-2015
Hi!Commonwealth Branch 2(near Sandigan) Very POOR Customer Service! Personnel of the branch are ridiculous. I already sent complain through email in cebuana cares but until now NO response. What kind of Customer service do you have??? always remember that you have your job because of customer. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!
19 kelvinkhuenterina • 5:58 PM, 06-February-2015
good day,Im Mrs.Mary grace U. Enterina from Talisayan Misamis oriental. my mother sent me money today through Cebuana Lhuillier. but when i already claiming it the teller said it was already paid out, huh! are you joking! whats this? new mudos? and the teller can't answer my question. how come it was already paid out and the teller cannot tell where and when it was claimed.OMG somebody must tell me how does it happen.
18 Vann Labeta • 4:18 PM, 29-December-2014
Hello admin.
I am Junalen Asilan from Boni,Mandaluyong. My aunt from states sent me 2,000 on 12-23-2014. When I was going to claim it on 24th, I presented 2 valid ids as follows: bir id and philhealth id. Then there was no problem regarding id. However, the teller told me that money can be claimed after 24hrs, so I didn't claimed it.
I came back to them(boni branch-lions road) just this day(12-29-2014), to claim the money and presented the same ids. The teller said I need 1 primary id and cannot claim the money if I will not provide one. "Whaaaattt!!!!" What kind of service do you have?? My 2 ids are valid for those are philhealth and bir. What kind of id do you want?? There's already a verification code plus my 2 ids,, but still cannot claim it??!!
17 Jenny Antonio • 11:11 AM, 19-December-2014
Better to remit in western than cebuana ...bad experienced from them.4days they never recieved the money yet...what an awful business remittance.Their reason was wrong code but its actually correct.Better to write down all your bad experienced here from cebuana remittance so people get idea how bad they are to their costumers.
16 Marilou Santiago • 8:04 AM, 01-November-2014
are there open cebuana this nov.1
15 Aprilyn Dela Cruz Almuete • 6:03 AM, 06-September-2014
i ask why im not receive the money but i send my husband after 3days .im waiting to text to claim my money but no text
14 Jam Lopido • 8:26 PM, 23-August-2014
I sent money to my sister in BAybay Leyte Aug.22,2014. She wasn't able to get the money that day and went to get it this afternoon Aug.23,2014. But the Teller of Cebuana LHuillier in Baybay City Leyte told my sister that the acct cannot be found.. WHAT?????? so i get back to C5 Taguig Branch od Cebuana Lhuiller to verify and they were all grinning and says that couldn't be...how come the BAybay branch said the account cannot be found for 3attempts of checking it on their computer????????then the C5 teller said ..Maam call your sister and tell her to give the phone to the teller so we could talk to them...i called right away as instructed..then my sister on the other line told the teller in baybay that c5 taguig branch would like to talk to them...they right away said ..ahmm..no need maam i've seen your account already...GEATAY KA NGA TELLER... unsa na diskarte????? or you're busy with your other personal concerns in the computer...and you don't want to be disturbed so you say the account don't exist...ayusin nyo trabaho nyo....
13 Angelo Inguillo • 0:27 AM, 10-August-2014
please let me know what can u suggest how my complaint will come to your desk regarding one of your employees misbehaviour and conduct?
12 hansy b yadao • 12:08 PM, 15-April-2014
cebuana bangar la union po sir / maam
11 cynthia ebuenga • 1:19 PM, 11-April-2014
My friend Lorna T. Sarmiento was informed by your office that she is a winner of netbook in your 12 gifts of christmas but until now she haven't received the confirmation letter which will be used in claiming the said gift. when are you going to send the confirmation letter so that she can claim the netbook.
9 zina • 4:02 PM, 28-February-2014
can i ask if barangay id is accepted to get money from vienna ? and i am only 17 ?
10 admin • 2:27 PM, 03-March-2014
zina, you're a minor (below 18 years old). You need to be accompanied with an adult to receive money. What barangay ID is it? Is it a barangay clearance or Office ID from a barangay.
8 Rey Bautista • 8:19 AM, 21-October-2013
Am sending an sms to your smart no. Since yesterday but mo response. Inquiring about my expected money status. But no reply. Pls. Assist. Tnx reynaldo bautista
7 pawansharma • 8:24 PM, 19-October-2013
hi i stay in india kolkata i want to send money to phillipiness,aklan the amount of rs 6000 indian rupees how can i send it i have an account on bank of india. iwill be very thankful if u can help me out
6 joms • 5:27 PM, 07-October-2013
my auntie from austria send us money through coinstar... and we are claiming 7t in cebuana imus and zapote branches.... its been 2 weeks now and we cannot claim the money as of now ... they have always excuses..... and we dont know why ... we need the money and its our money... how come we cannot claim it.... your service is not good sir/madam.... please fix this problem as soon as possible......
5 philip lobo • 7:49 PM, 21-August-2013
how can i get the cctv pottage as with my money transfer address to Danilo A Lisondra because he denied that he is not receiving of the said amount.
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