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Smart Customer Service Hotline Number
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You can call the SMART customer service hotline numbers below in the table if you are having problems with your SMART subscriptions in the following services such as:

  • SMART Postpaid
  • SMART Prepaid
  • Talk 'N Text
  • SMART Bro
  • Smart Money
  • Smart Load Retailers
  • Smart Load Dealers
  • Smart Padala
  • Infoboard Service

You will be answered by a SMART Customer Support Agent by calling the following numbers. Please be patient when calling.

Smart Postpaid/Smart Prepaid/Talk 'N Text*888(02) 888-1111
Smart Infinity*800(02) 848-8806
Smart Mobile Broadband
(Bro SIM, Pocket Wifi, Plug-it, Share-It)
*888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Broadband*1888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Money15177(02) 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648
Smart Load Retailers*333(02) 845-7733
Smart Load Dealers*7744(02) 845-7744
Smart Padala*7788(02) 845-7788 or 1-800-10-8457788
Infoboard Service--(02) 848-8848
Sales Hotline (apply for plans over the phone)*887(02) 848-8877

When you're using Smart International Roaming, toll-free charging is not applicable when you call using those toll free numbers above.

Do you have other concern with SMART?

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443 castrenece   (03-July-2015 11:24 PM)
please resume my unlitext 09391726746

442 castrenece   (03-July-2015 11:23 PM)
gooday, can u please help me. i cant use my unlitext. it happens many times i spend a lot of money for this services. why sometimes i cant use it to send txt messages to other network.

441 arlene   (03-July-2015 11:56 AM)

Good day, I would like to know on roaming.My hubby called and asked me about roaming because he bought a smart card and he is in korea right now.pls help! Thank you and God bless

440 melanie erfe   (02-July-2015 7:15 PM)
Follow up..
This is my number 09985779474

439 melanie erfe   (02-July-2015 7:14 PM)
I already paid my postpaid bill but
its already 5 hours since I pay it I can't call it says I still have my balance...
Please fix this ASAP!!!!!

438 johndoe   (02-July-2015 4:37 PM)
These guys are barking at the wrong tree. File your complaints at Smart Comm. itself, not here. Comments are for sharing thoughts, not to accept reconnection requests etc. Just my two cents.

437 Mary Grace Cuilao Reyes   (30-June-2015 5:31 PM)
pls.resume my unlicall in my other # 09198198124 i cannot use my unli

436 mark Andrew lorenzo   (29-June-2015 11:03 AM)
Kindly help me. I have a smart plan this is the number 09989598665. I wasn't able to pay for almost 3 months. I received my billing statement. Now I paid it. I don't receive any confirmation. And I cannot used my unlimited surfing. Please help me. I wanted to call your hotline but I cannot because my smart plan was deactivated. Please call me at my number and advise me what to do. Thank you.

435 Hate smart unli 20!!!!   (25-June-2015 7:02 PM)
your company is wasting my time, money and effort!!! Unli 20!!!! Grrrrrr

434 Jexter Badoya   (20-June-2015 8:31 PM)
Please resume my redirected postpaid as soon as possible here's my cellphone number 09209685725.payment already made at lbc A.R. no. MCK04BH102357001318 Can't call your hotline please improve your service. Thank you

433 Roderick   (15-June-2015 2:11 PM)
Why i cannot use my unlimited call..just now i registered to your unlimited promo..can you fix this? you wasting my time network

432 sheryl lagundino   (15-June-2015 8:15 AM)
I am having this error message in my Smart LTE prepaid simcard: "Selected network (Smart) not available". I have encountered this error since yesterday by 4PM. Please note that i'm located in ayala, makati where the network signal is above average. I have tried to manually setup the network but still the same error. i still do not have any network connection. Please check.

431 Lekyam Andrino   (09-June-2015 9:38 PM)
Good evening maam/sir

Im a smart user and i just want to ask why my smart prepaid unli calls always cutting the line every few minutes..please connect my unli calls very important..this is my # 09494746472..thank you and God bless u

430 Akhia   (08-June-2015 7:51 PM)
Just want to complain your csr name cora lavarde. She is not accomodating and helpful. I hope next time she will answer the questions politely..thank you

429 lovely   (30-May-2015 6:14 PM)
sir/ mam,
pls kindly help me activate my tel no. 09215182288 , my sr#629096171
i have waited 48 hours already, thank you

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