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Smart Customer Service Hotline Number
You can call the SMART customer service hotline numbers below in the table if you are having problems with your SMART subscriptions in the following services such as:
  • SMART Postpaid
  • SMART Prepaid
  • Talk 'N Text
  • SMART Bro
  • Smart Money
  • Smart Load Retailers
  • Smart Load Dealers
  • Smart Padala
  • Infoboard Service

You will be answered by a SMART Customer Support Agent by calling the following numbers. Please be patient when calling.

Smart Postpaid/Smart Prepaid/Talk 'N Text*888(02) 888-1111
Smart Infinity*800(02) 848-8806
Smart Mobile Broadband
(Bro SIM, Pocket Wifi, Plug-it, Share-It)
*888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Broadband*1888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Money15177(02) 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648
Smart Load Retailers*333(02) 845-7733
Smart Load Dealers*7744(02) 845-7744
Smart Padala*7788(02) 845-7788 or 1-800-10-8457788
Infoboard Service--(02) 848-8848
Sales Hotline (apply for plans over the phone)*887(02) 848-8877

When you're using Smart International Roaming, toll-free charging is not applicable when you call using those toll free numbers above.

Do you have other concern with SMART?
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520 cris   (20-June-2016 11:50 AM)
good morning, just wanna ask help ,ninakaw fone ko at I really need my number replace or all my text and calls to my stolen sim forward to number I'm using now.all l have is my simcard case as proof that's my number.please write back asap.thanks

519 GLORIA R.CUSTODIO   (31-May-2016 7:35 PM)

518 JIMBERT BARETT S ALEJANDRO   (29-May-2016 8:20 PM)
good evening, my smart plan 799 used up all its data, in just a matter of minutes and that's it i will pay 799 a month for only minutes of surfing.

517 Grace paclibar   (22-May-2016 5:42 AM)
Nakabayad na po ako kahapon ng plan ko po bakit hindi pa din na lift ang account ko

516 Shiela Mae Garito   (18-May-2016 1:02 PM)
hi gd afternoon can i ask how can we get our bill of smart postpaid??

515 glan   (17-April-2016 12:31 PM)
hi ask kolang kong pano mahingi refence # kc dko mabayaran bill ko

514 olivia labiano   (11-April-2016 10:44 AM)
hi there! im dual sim user and it is both smart, im currently enrolled on your promo UNLIFB on 5555. but then both of my simcards lost the data connection. i already cannot connect to the mobile data.... how was it?
im hoping for your positve response. thank you

513 Zaraha Noel   (05-April-2016 8:17 PM)
Good day, I am working abroad and using roaming number however it was already deactivated last December 2015 because I was not able to put a load. I just want to ask if there is a way to activate my roaming sim while I'm abroad?
Thank you for your kind assistance.

511 mary jean   (03-April-2016 11:58 PM)
hello gud day!!!! i just want to know that there is a number that texting me that i have a reward for 500 but the text said that im going to reply text 500 space 09100018408 send to 343 from smart ka partner im asking your help is this a scam ? if this is a scam how can we prevent this? thank you please reply asap. thank you

512 admin   (04-April-2016 6:49 PM)
Mary Jean, it's a scam. Beware and ignore it.

510 Roger Tabaco   (03-April-2016 6:39 AM)
Hello there, i registered my smart bro sim for surfmax995 from april 1, 2016 but i can't connect to internet. I tried calling smart customer service (*888) but operator says incorrect number.
What should i do?

Hoping for your answer,


509 Ryan Perez   (29-March-2016 2:03 PM)
Hi! I lost my phone. Can I request to Smart Business Centre a new sim with the same SIM Card no. that I used before. It's a Prepaid Sim? Thanks

508 felix   (23-March-2016 10:39 PM)
good pm..please check my smart roaming number 09196211111 i can't receive text from phillipines..thank you

507 Romeo Camano   (21-March-2016 1:38 PM)
Please check your directories 6380,8180 is Fin-serve SUN Operation. We are receiving calls that we are referred as SMART BACOOR. Please check and update your directories. There is some one giving wrong numbers to customer.

506 ma. christine villanueva   (16-March-2016 9:56 PM)
Can I know the exact delivery date of my order? Its been 1 week since I purchased and paid it. I already message your fb page but I don't receive any reply. Pls email me or response to my message in facebook. Thank you. :)

505 Nilo Solarte   (16-March-2016 1:47 PM)
Good day! Please check my smart roaming # +639216458926, I can't receive text from Philippines. thank you.

504 gina   (13-March-2016 0:21 AM)
hello can u please check my roaming #+639206465767 cant recieve text from.phil.they load me two times i dont recive.thankbu

503 DENNIS ROQUE   (12-March-2016 1:00 PM)
Hi. im referring to my smart roaming number. just a couple of weeks ago i noticed that i don't receiving text messages from it. please help if you have any idea how to fix it. i need this number for my transaction online because they prompt me to get one time password on this mobile number which is unfortunately not receiving messages. i tried to access their hotline but i cannot reach them. any one of you here have idea ? please advice. many thanks

502 Ronald B. Balbin   (12-March-2016 10:37 AM)
Smart Communication Phils,
I haven't receive any message in my smart roaming sim for 2 days. Kindly activate my roaming sim 09298538144. Thank you for your good service. Godbless...

501 abegail   (28-February-2016 1:28 PM)
hello , i bought a smart pinoy roaming sim the last time i gone to philippines it was in 2014 . i think i forgot to activate it , and now i want to activate my number online . so i go to the site of smart then i created my account after they ask me to put the smart number , i put may sim number that i found behind the sim but they said the number was unvalid/not recognized . please help me what should i do? i really need to activate this before it expired on may 31 2016 . thanks for the feed back

500 Maribel M. Estioco   (26-February-2016 7:02 PM)
Why I can not make a conference call anymore?

499 charla yap   (26-February-2016 10:28 AM)
What is the stastus of my order myphone m28

498 charla yap   (26-February-2016 10:23 AM)
Can i know whatvis the status of my ordeer of myphone my28

497 Rommel Matabuena   (25-February-2016 12:09 PM)
can i know what is the exact delivery date of my order ?

496 michelle carr   (23-February-2016 9:42 PM)
im trying to activate my sim but cant get through

495 dennis gonzales   (22-February-2016 2:28 AM)
Hi sir/maam please kindly check my roaming number +639397237938 can't receive messege.thank you

494 Jory sabanal   (14-February-2016 3:27 PM)
Can you check my roaming number 09298624098. Ive been two days i did not recieve any message and also eload from philippines. Im here at hail ksa.

493 ong poh huat   (11-February-2016 1:15 PM)
Kindly check my smart roaming number at 09282864150, not able to received messages, I am in Singapore
thank you
Mr Ong

492 Jose Kenneth Lumontad   (27-January-2016 12:47 PM)
good day sir, I just want to follow up the kapartner winner of 2015 quarter draw and grand draw, smart called me a special 4 digit number to my retailer 09085927817 asked about my information. the smart agent in our place here in pinamungajan cebu requested my ID photocopy. until now I didn't receive the prize that I won. A smart agent told me that I won in the kapartner. Thank you and more power.

491 Ricardo Pitas Gorgolon Jr.   (19-January-2016 0:15 AM)
please help me get back my signal on talk n text roaming. i am here in Saudi arabia right now and your network has taken out my signal here. do you know that I am using my mobile number for banking transactions? YOU did this to me without proper notice or message to reload immediately. please consider this message as an urgent because I cannot send money to my family in Philippines for their financial needs. Hope your network's fault will value us more as your loyal subscribers. please reply asap, hunger cannot waits you!!!

490 Antoneth   (13-January-2016 11:48 PM)
Hello!! Please kindly check my roaming no.+639989191327 I can't received message. I can send messages to my family but I can't receive their response. Please can you fix it. Thank you

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