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Smart Customer Service Hotline Number
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You can call the SMART customer service hotline numbers below in the table if you are having problems with your SMART subscriptions in the following services such as:

  • SMART Postpaid
  • SMART Prepaid
  • Talk 'N Text
  • SMART Bro
  • Smart Money
  • Smart Load Retailers
  • Smart Load Dealers
  • Smart Padala
  • Infoboard Service

You will be answered by a SMART Customer Support Agent by calling the following numbers. Please be patient when calling.

Smart Postpaid/Smart Prepaid/Talk 'N Text*888(02) 888-1111
Smart Infinity*800(02) 848-8806
Smart Mobile Broadband
(Bro SIM, Pocket Wifi, Plug-it, Share-It)
*888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Broadband*1888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Money15177(02) 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648
Smart Load Retailers*333(02) 845-7733
Smart Load Dealers*7744(02) 845-7744
Smart Padala*7788(02) 845-7788 or 1-800-10-8457788
Infoboard Service--(02) 848-8848
Sales Hotline (apply for plans over the phone)*887(02) 848-8877

When you're using Smart International Roaming, toll-free charging is not applicable when you call using those toll free numbers above.

Do you have other concern with SMART?

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466 Ma. Pacita palma   (27-September-2015 12:00 PM)
I want to know the last number loading at my smartload my number is 09298810204 it has no confirmation I receive but my balance is not enough to load again

465 Ruth Prado   (24-September-2015 8:29 PM)
Unti now I don't have internet using LTE. My SR# is 659698683.

464 Josephine Awaaw   (17-September-2015 2:11 PM)
,ilang beses ng nagloload ang asawa ko pero di parin gumagana ang wifi nya.nasa pinas sila can you pls,fix the problem.wifi sim gamit nya.

463 roel de jesus   (14-September-2015 12:58 PM)
I need return call about my data plan they riderected the service on which theres a pending credit that was not yet applied on my account if you dont restart the service then let it be cancelled.

462 Arjhay Arevalo   (12-September-2015 5:17 AM)
Good day
I registered roaming before i Leave Philippines but it cannot be registered i asked smart retailer at the airport he said the system was down can you please activate it for roaming my number is 09496170507 now im here abroad but i dont have service thanks and i appreciate please email me back

461 Jennifer agustin   (09-September-2015 11:38 PM)
I hate how smart is charging me! Please do something about your corruption! How the heck can you charge me double when I haven't even consumed the service???!??!?!

460 cristine joy tingal   (09-September-2015 9:01 PM)
Please please ! Im badly need your help. Yesterday I loaded SUPERSURF995 in my LTE Sim that using a router.Then just now its doesnt have an internet connection. And I didnt receive any text from smart.Im so worried! Please help me. Huhu

459 what code are your talking about?   (07-September-2015 9:01 AM)
What does this message mean and why am I getting it?


458 LIZA   (02-September-2015 8:35 AM)
my load wallet retailer sim error to operate.my load wallet balance 487.00 pesos.

457 bernadeth   (01-September-2015 9:01 AM)
how can i unlock my smartload menu?

456 Mayvilyn Arevalo   (31-August-2015 10:57 PM)
I have a concern about Smart Padala. My partner use smart padala to send me money his location was in Rosario Cavite. I gave the smart padala number in Dela Rosa Makati City. He forward the confirmation to me but due to phone where the message was sent is unable to power on I've lost my confirmation or reference number to present for me to claim the money being sent for me? Can I still claim the money? The SMART PADALA transaction happened on August 30, 2015 between 6pm-7pm. I need an assistance on this please.

455 Phil   (31-August-2015 9:08 PM)
last week I bought clash of clans gems(in app purchase) via smart telecommunication billing. It was successful. But now when I buy using the same process it always keep saying mobile payment service isn't available. Please let me know how can I fix this. Please. Because I loaded my account PHP515 just to buy gems for the game. Smart please email me the solution. Thank you. Needing your service.

454 prbautista2000   (28-August-2015 11:54 PM)
last june 2015 i made complaints regarding my load that it was eaten though im not using it.smart made the corrections but up to now they were not returning my load as they promised.now again i loaded 30 php last aug 19, 2015, i did not use it yet, now that i made inquiry again it was eaten up that to this date, aug 28, the balance is 12.50 php. not yet using it, yet deductions were made.is this the kind of service you are giving your customers.when you call the customer service a littany is saying and that the computer is down, not functioning well, under maintenance. what else? calling-calling Atty.Ramon Nolasco" <cwpd@ntc.gov.ph>... what can you do about this? my smart number is 09086036785.smart is not doing anything about it.precila r. bautista- mandaluyong.

453 Cris Ll.   (27-August-2015 5:46 PM)
Loaded 100 pesos. I made a 33 sec call to 0999xxx number. Then i sent 5 text messages to the same number. I checked my load balance... ITS DOWN TO 28.5 pesos only. What should i do now? Tried calling hotline vut my calls cant get through.

452 Reggie Castillo   (27-August-2015 9:49 AM)
For the second time this week i have received a message purporting to be from Smart informing me that my postpaid plan has been charge P200 because I texted and called with my roaming on. It then told me that if I wanted to have my roaming cancelled for free that I should text the number 09081147074 (received today at 10:34 A.M from +639327912182)) and 09199678149 (this was received at 4:45 A.M. Friday, August 21 from +639330883400) followed by <space>200 and to send it to 808 and finally to reply YES after the next message from 808 to signify that my roaming has been cancelled.

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