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Smart Customer Service Hotline Number
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You can call the SMART customer service hotline numbers below in the table if you are having problems with your SMART subscriptions in the following services such as:

  • SMART Postpaid
  • SMART Prepaid
  • Talk 'N Text
  • SMART Bro
  • Smart Money
  • Smart Load Retailers
  • Smart Load Dealers
  • Smart Padala
  • Infoboard Service

You will be answered by a SMART Customer Support Agent by calling the following numbers. Please be patient when calling.

Smart Postpaid/Smart Prepaid/Talk 'N Text*888(02) 888-1111
Smart Infinity*800(02) 848-8806
Smart Mobile Broadband
(Bro SIM, Pocket Wifi, Plug-it, Share-It)
*888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Broadband*1888(02) 672-7277 or 1-800-10-672-7277
Smart Money15177(02) 845-7777 or 1-800-1-888-5648
Smart Load Retailers*333(02) 845-7733
Smart Load Dealers*7744(02) 845-7744
Smart Padala*7788(02) 845-7788 or 1-800-10-8457788
Infoboard Service--(02) 848-8848
Sales Hotline (apply for plans over the phone)*887(02) 848-8877

When you're using Smart International Roaming, toll-free charging is not applicable when you call using those toll free numbers above.

Do you have other concern with SMART?

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427 Ryan Ocampo   (18-May-2015 2:54 PM)
been trying to load the 300 prepaid card i have bought this morning and all i get after i dialed 1510 plus the pin number is "Network busy". is there something wrong with smart?

426 Maureen Domingo   (16-May-2015 10:59 AM)
Good morning. Im using smart pinoy for my roaming... is there possible they can find out or knowing my #(roaming) my name or place where I am?..

425 MARY AN MULA   (13-May-2015 11:06 AM)
hi there why my friend in USA cannot send and received message in his smart roaming number?

424 MARY AN MULA   (13-May-2015 11:04 AM)
hi good morning i have a question ..the smart roaming number of my friend in USA is not working he cannot send and received message what his going to do about that.

423 kathyrine candy   (13-May-2015 6:38 AM)
I just register on lte 995 a week ago....
But now im no longer connected to the internet...
The status shown in my picket wifi is battery icon green is lighting, wifi icon blue is lighting but the signal icon is not lighting.... I cant connect to the internet...
I inserted the sim to the other mobile devices, but there is no signal at all...

422 jose   (09-May-2015 4:29 PM)
i registered into your unlimited call and it cost me 20 pesos, so i expected that i can do unlimited calls within 24 hours smart to smart using *6400, but the thing is i cannot make even a single call until now and the registration will expire today at 6:00 pm, why you guys allowing this to happen to your subscribers? can you advice us what to do when this thing happen again

421 cherrie   (09-May-2015 9:20 AM)
Hi there,
Is anyone of you can be able to help me Reactivate my smart n talk n text roaming sim card? I've been using this sim when I was in taiwan. Unfortunately, there wasn't a signal anymore. Therefore, I won't be able to receive sms anymore.
My number is 09495761966. I'm hoping this number will be reactivated...Was trying to log in thru smart online but it won't let me in or it didn't went thru since my # won't be able recognized....
Thanks a lot everyone.
Blessed Day to all!

420 Emmanuel Magadia   (08-May-2015 9:44 PM)
HI! I am so annoyed! I just bought SMART LTE POCKET WIFI worth 4888! which should be up to 42MBPS , and guess what ? 60KBPS is the maximum download speed that i can get! can you fix it MY FRIEND?

419 mirasol   (07-May-2015 3:34 PM)
Hi Smart,

I have a prepaid sim and I have loaded 30 pesos, when we try to register for unlimited call and text, i'm getting an error insufficient balance. How come? I didn't even use it yet. I'm totally disappointed with your service. I hope you can correct this issue as soon as possible.

Mirasol Monterola

418 jocelyn   (07-May-2015 1:08 AM)
if my sim was lost can you blocked it so he or she cannot used it anymore...thank you

417 mon   (06-May-2015 9:45 PM)
ive lost my number . how can i retrieve it ? im using smart bro sim . sim has insufficient load .. need help . thanks

416 chantilly charmane gamboa   (30-April-2015 5:53 PM)
Hi Smart,

I am a talk en txt subscriber. Im just wondering why I cant send messages to this number (09987157999). We are changing text messages before. I just want to have a solution to this case as soon as possible guys.

Your prompt is highly appreciated. You can reach me to my mobile number (09071378914)

415 arnel baleros   (28-April-2015 5:39 PM)
Plss help me i cant send message but i have load i spend my money
I load two times of All Text 20
But its not working

414 arnel baleros   (28-April-2015 5:36 PM)
I cant use my load why?
I spend 40 pesos for my load but its not working

Cab someone help me plsss

413 theresa cabal   (27-April-2015 12:45 PM)
why i can't send message even i have been load yesterday night and this day morning.

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