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VECO Customer Service Hotline Number
The second largest electricity provider in the Philippines, Visayan Electric Company (VECO) love to hear from you.

For your problems, concerns or suggestions, you can contact VECO Customer Service Hotline Number: (032) 230-8326


To serve the needs of its growing customers, VECO has two service centers equipped with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system and a Customer Relation Management System (CRMS). The first is located in SM City Cebu and the second is in Talisay City, Cebu.

Do you have any concern with VECO?
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10 Catherine Salazar   (07-January-2016 8:59 AM)
Your Veco Electri Post is just 2 feet away from my residential resident at 372 Tupas Street. There is a law that requires that it should be 80 meters away from residential home or building, isn't it.

pls leave me a text msg also. thank u kindly. 09231757098

9 Asuncion Cabahug Baunsit   (01-December-2015 7:39 AM)
Dear Sir ,

There was a fire accident happened in my father's house last Sunday (November 29, 2015) situated in Zone Camansi, Cambogaong Pakna-an Mandaue City. More or less there are 20 houses affected.
In this regards, before the repair and restoration of the cabling, we would like to request your good office to relocate the electrical post erected on my father's lot.

We hope to hear your favorable response and soonest action.
Thank you and God Bless us All.

8 Derosalio Abella   (11-September-2015 2:14 PM)
i would like to inform that my meter until now did not connect. i already pay the deposit on 9/7/2015. please check my account.


7 Maria Cecilia C. Mendoza   (17-June-2015 1:23 PM)
Good pm,

We want to know your requirements for service installation.

Thank you,
Ma. Cecilia Mendoza

6 Patrick   (22-April-2015 11:38 PM)
I have a question about tapping of power lines. I would like to know if it is actually legal for someone to allow a neighbour who has no power to tap electricity from his house power lines (after the meter)? I have heard many versions of this from VECO personnel only, one says that its is totally illegal and another says yes, it can be done and even offered to do so for a fee...

Can someone please tell me what is legal and what is not.


5 Roselyn Dela Rama   (14-April-2015 2:38 PM)
In our subdivision the lot owner not yet release the deed of sale co'z we have lacking requirements. And i wonder how our two neighbors apply and approved the VECO office even they have no proof of ownership as one your requirements. So somebody asking them to tap, and they allow them and they are more than 10 house tapping in one line. So i want to report in your office to please survey that area located at Gothong Road Homeowners Assoc., Upper Tingub, Mandaue City, the soonest much better. And please kindly check there application on how they approved.

4 Dorothy Bucad   (21-March-2014 11:01 AM)
I would like to ask if we can pay using the credit card?

3 kimberly   (03-August-2013 3:45 PM)
Good Day.
This is just a querry on where to report those abusive neighbors who are hacking electricity. Oh My God! we're saving badly to the max yet there are some unscrupulous people who are living to the fullest at the extent of others sharing the total veco wattage consumption??
They are in this frozen products business.. they have 6 fully loaded big freezers, 5 aircons, big electric oven, fully loaded complete appliances operating 24/7 YET THEY ARE ONLY PAYING BARELY 1 to 2 THOUSAND PER MONTH? we neighbors are clamoring when every now and then there is a man checking on their meter with VECO uniform. We know this when their helper braggingly told about their low bill. OMG!!! even lower than ordinary household with no aircon at all???ly
Pls address this matter the soonest. They've been in this business for over 7 yrs already and this has been their prctice eversince. The irony is they have neighbor who is working in VECO also.
Pls reply in my email add not at this thread for complete details.. thanks! (kimberly.lim28@yahoo.com)

2 Erwin A. Ruizol   (15-April-2013 7:21 PM)
ASKVECO BILL 74672340622 Conchita T. Ramas would like to ask your processing leadtime after online payment thru BPI dated today Apr 15,2013 7:32am.

I text your VECO cell number for inquiries but still wait amount.

Hoping for your favorable response as soonest.

1 Erwin A. Ruizol   (15-April-2013 7:20 PM)
ASKVECO BILL 74672340622 would like to ask your processing leadtime after online payment thru BPI dated today Apr 15,2013 7:32am.

I text your VECO cell number for inquiries but still wait amount.

Hoping for your favorable response as soonest.