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Withdraw Money From Metrobank Passbook Account in Any Metrobank Branch: Is It Allowed or Not?

If you're a new Metrobank accountholder who opened a Metrobank Passbook account, you might wonder if you can withdraw money from your passbook account in any Metrobank branch. You might be worried in case you will not be accepted by other branches or if there are some fees to be paid.
Withdraw money in Metrobank Passbook
Can you really withdraw money from your Metrobank Passbook account in any Metrobank branch aside from the branch where you opened it?
The answer is YES.
But are there any charges?
It depends, if you withdraw at any Metrobank branch within a region where you opened the Passbook account , there's no fee. But outside that region, withdrawal fee will be charged.
For example, if you have a Metrobank account in the National Capital Region (NCR) and you want to withdraw in Region 7 particularly in Cebu, a withdrawal fee will be charged. To date, 50 up to 100 pesos will be charged upon withdrawal in a different region. But if you withdraw in any Metrobank branch within NCR, no charge will be collected.
Service Charge of Over-the-counter Inter-branch Cash Withdrawal:
  • Php 100 - if verification will require long distance call
  • Php 50 - if verification will not require long call
"Verification" refers to identity verification of the owner of the Passbook account. So make sure you bring your valid id upon withdrawal. Without valid id's, the bank will require long distance call to your depository branch for verification.
So if you withdraw in a different region, don't be surprised if the bank charges you a certain fee for withdrawal.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Dont' forget to bring a valid id in case the bank verifies your identity upon withdrawal.
  • When you withdraw in a different region, ask first the bank teller how much do they charge for withdrawal.
  • Ask the bank officer what time do they open and close for your next transaction.
Do you like for Metrobank to offer free withdrawal on different region? What do you think?

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