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How to Apply for Landbank Internet/Online Banking

One of the largest commercial banks in the Philippines, Landbank is proud to offer its online banking facility, the Landbank iAccess retail internet banking.

This online banking system is available only to existing Landbank ATM accountholders. So, you need to have an ATM account with Landbank in order to apply for its online banking. Other types of deposit accounts you can enrol are:
  • Savings Account with ATM access
  • Current Account with ATM access
  • Interest Bearing Current Account with ATM Access
  • Regular Current Account
  • Regular Interest Bearing Current Account
Landbank online banking website
Landbank Online/Internet Banking Website: www.lbpiaccess.com
There is no fee or charge in applying for Landbank online banking. If you already have an ATM account with Landbank, then you can apply for its online banking.

You have two options to enroll your LandBank account to LandBank's iAccess facility:
  1. Thru Online Enrollment
  2. Thru Branch Enrollment

How to Enroll in LandBank iAccess thru Online (or thru website enrollment)?

Note: This enrollment procedure is applicable only for individual, private or ordinary LandBank accountholders. This is not applicable to corporate accounts.

Step 1
Go to the official retail online banking website of LandBank ( https://www.lbpiaccess.com ). Take note of the https at the beginning of the domain name/website. That is the secured and official retail online banking website of LandBank.

Step 2
On the homepage of https://www.lbpiaccess.com, click the "Enroll now!" link.
Enroll LandBank iAccess online banking
Step 3
You may read the General Terms and Conditions, then click the "I agree" button.
LandBank iAccess Online Banking Terms and Conditions

Step 4
Fill-out the Enrollment Form appropriately.
LandBank iAccess Online Banking Enrollment Form

Step 5
This is the final step. Review the information you've entered. You can go back by clicking the "Back" button to edit your information. After careful review, click the "Confirm" button to continue the Enrollment process.
LandBank iAccess Personal Information
Then, you will be redirected to the acknowledgment page for a successful registration of your LandBank account.
LandBank iAccess Online Banking Acknowledgment
At the same time, you will receive a message to your email (enrolled email address):
Dear *****  ******,

Thank you for enrolling your account in LANDBANK iAccess. Our retail internet banking facility will allow you to do selected banking transactions online. You may start inquiring about your account using iAccess immediately upon enrollment.  To avail of the iAccess monetary services, please visit your depository branch.

For queries, comments or suggestions, please call 632-405-7000 (or e-mail us at lbpiaccess@mail.landbank.com.

Thank you for banking with us.

Your LANDBANK iAccess Team

To fully enjoy its features and services, you must enroll thru a LandBank branch. Just follow the steps below:
How to Enroll in Landbank Online Banking (iAccess) Thru Branch Enrollment?
Step 1
Bring a valid id, your Landbank ATM card or any deposit accounts mentioned above. Prepare your Landbank account number. And go to a nearest or chosen Landbank branch.
Step 2 
Inside the bank, approach a bank officer in the New Accounts section and tell her/him that you want to apply for Landbank internet banking (which they call Landbank iAccess). You will then be given a Landbank iAccess Enrollment and Maintenance Agreement (LI-EMA) form to fill-out.
Step 3
After processing the forms and other papers, wait for the bank officer to decide when will be the activation of your online banking account. Follow the bank officer's further instructions.
What you can do with Landbank's internet/online banking
You can access your account, inquire balance, pay bills (telephone, cellphone, electricity, cable tv service, insurance, water bills) online and transfer funds anytime, anywhere. And this is the power of internet banking. With a click of a mouse, you can transact or do banking in a convenient way. No need to fall in line in the bank.
There are other features of Landbank online banking you can enjoy:
  • View transaction details (account history) of your account for a period of 60 days.
  • Fund transfer
  • Order checkbooks online.
  • Report lost or stolen ATM card and the Customer Service agent will block the ATM transactions. This means that those who found your ATM card cannot withdraw or transfer money or do any ATM transactions.

Inside LandBank iAccess Retail Internet Banking

Welcome Page
LandBank iAccess Internet Banking

Account Summary
LandBank iAccess Internet Banking Account Summary

Account Statement
LandBank iAccess Internet Banking Balance Inquiry

Problem in Logging-in To Your Account?

If you're having a problem with logging in to your account such as "Invalid User ID or Password" everytime you log-in, this article might help you:
Are you interested to apply for Landbank online banking? Or do you have any concerns/problems with your online banking account in Landbank?
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15 josephine   (25 March 2017 4:10 PM)
There is no enroll now botton in the website that you gave..where else can I enroll online for me to have an iaccess?

14 Munique04   (27 February 2017 7:10 AM)
i would like to enroll online... but is there a link for this?

13 suzette villaruel   (22 February 2017 8:29 PM)
i forget my password at 3x kona po na enter mali pa rin

12 JULIANA OLGADO   (14 January 2017 2:26 PM)

11 Sheryl quiambao   (16 November 2016 3:05 AM)
Hi.. Hindi po ako makapag log in bakit laging were sorry your transaction cannot be process at this time.. I've tried it so many times yesterday until now

10 maryjul   (18 October 2016 11:07 AM)
hi...i been having difficulties for opening ur site....how to do it?pls let me know

9 Glenmark Ramos   (04 August 2016 12:32 PM)
hello how are you

8 grace delos reyes taboctaboc   (25 January 2016 7:08 PM)
hello, my lbpiaccess was locked.. can you please unlocked? and i almost forgot my password and username.. thanks

7 Dienne Edjan Nunez   (25 May 2015 10:06 AM)
Hi, Im trying to enroll my husband's account online. I enter all the fields that has (*) however when I try submitting it,I'm prompted with an error ( card number is wrong). I would like to ask help where do card number located.Thank you

6 Kristel Uminga   (18 November 2014 2:13 PM)
hi..i forgot to print my iaccess account ..can i still be open it and print it before the day i was going to get my atm please kindly response as soon as possible..i reAlly need it to get my atm..thanks

5 Jane Mae de Leon   (02 July 2014 8:43 PM)
Hi. I forgot my password and username of my account. How can I retrieve my account for iaccess? Thank you for your response.

4 peteramos   (28 May 2014 6:21 PM)
how do i check if payment has been made to my landbank salary loan? do i get a receipt for i ?

3 charlote madriaga   (12 May 2014 12:19 PM)
I didn't deposit an amount to my account for almost two years. Will it be closed?

2 Jerome Billones   (21 August 2013 4:48 PM)
update the account balance

1 Judy perez   (13 June 2013 9:55 PM)
Hi... how many times I've tried to apply for I-access online but I couldn't make an ID because the site is always blocked. What should I do to open an account online except for your website whic is http://www.lbpiaccess.com?