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CD-R KING Customer Service Telephone Number Hotline

CD-R King is known to be the retailer of low-cost computer accessories in the Philippines. With its quality yet affordable products, many Filipinos embrace the CD-R King brand. That is why, its number of customers is growing while building many branches all over the Philippines. To better serve its growing customer base, CD-R King provides a Customer Service Telephone Number (Hotline).

CD-R KING Customer Service Telephone Number (Hotline):
  • (02) 444-9054
Or you can email CD-R King at support.philippines@encore-usa.com.

Do you have any concern or suggestion with CD-R King? Is CD-R King doing its best in terms of customer service?
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52 James Cadzow   (14 December 2017 0:33 AM)
How do I determine whether my Card King Router is secure?

51 Allen Tambuyat   (21 July 2017 5:32 PM)
Good Evening, How can I order some of your products on-line via your website? Hindi po ako makapasok sa on- line shopping niyo. Specially yung 50watts poly crystalline solar panel. Hoping na hindi pa magbabago yung price nito. Hoping for your soonest response. Dito po ako Baguio.....lagi kong ina abangan itong panel sa abanao square....Thanks!

50 Francia Noche   (05 July 2017 10:28 AM)
Good Morning! I just want to inquire if you do home service in Binangonan, Rizal? The LED TV of my father was damaged due to heavy lightning last Monday afternoon. It's not only in their house tv that was affected but almost same with the neighbors nearby.

Please advise so that i can tell to my father.

49 Anne Dorcas Cadaing   (26 June 2017 8:42 PM)
Can't find a replacement remote for my LED TV where can I get one?

48 lednicky belmonte   (04 June 2017 3:37 PM)
May cdrking tv ako led019hc nasira ang remote control wala na ako makuha ano ang pwede ko ipalit na universal na remote control ng cdrking model please send me a model

47 MR LLOYD NELLAMS   (28 May 2017 7:00 PM)
Greetings and hello, I am an American Customer in your country whom purchased my California Eco-bike called the Virginia, Color Blue, in cash from the CLA TOWN CENTER MALL AREZA PANGSANJAN LAGUNA CDR-KING and it has been for a year and maybe 2 months. I am not completely sure how long that i have had it because I have forgotten the exact purchase date but i have somewhere in my possession the paperwork. I am having a problem with both the motor, it is not going fast at all and it is not even as of the last two weeks suddenly keeping a battery charge at all. It will not go very far at all for the last 7 months. It is supposed to travel up to 60 KM but it would only go as far as maybe 25 KM for the last near 7 months and I have made 4 different attempts to get service far before the end of the 1 year warranty expired but each time I did not succeed. It was always an excuse from the store of no technician or no one could help me because they would not answer the phone or they did not have anyone on staff at one time that could talk to me about the E-bikes because of a lack of knowledge regarding them. I am going to do my very best to prepare as of tomorrow afternoon to take my E-BIKE to the CLA AREZA MALL IN PANGSANJAN FALLS LAGUNA ON TOMORROW because I need to leave it there for someone to show up to service my E-bike. I received the worst ever customer service on the phone from a staff employee at that store this afternoon and she was the meanest and the rudest and the most impolite person that I ever encountered. She even hang up the phone on me and said very bad Tagalog words before hanging up the phone as of quote ( tanga gago Foreigner ), and she even Blocked my Globe phone number so I am not able to call back there. I was attempting to get service and to schedule for a service technician to go there to that location but she refused to help me and tried to force me to have a home service and I said I am not able because I am not at home during the morning or during the evening only late at night or sometimes not at home at all and she kept lying to me saying she understood me and kept lying to me saying that she spoke and understood English great but in fact she did not and I repeated myself to her over and over and kept saying hello and she would ignore me so many times saying absolutely nothing at all. I will never buy cash again a single E-Bike from CDR KING NOR ANY AFFILIATES BECAUSE THAT SERVICE AND ATTITUDE IS SCARY AND DISGUSTING AND SHE HATES CUSTOMERS THAT ARE FOREIGNER...I will never recommend your products or company again as I have to 50 others because a good attitude and great service and great training accompanied by employees whom speak and understand well and never speak bad words to customers on the phone and hang up the phone call with the customer still talking on the line and blocking my phone number is unacceptable entirely and completely. I would never hire an employee like her, but i recommend her IMMEDIATE TERMINATION. Effective Immediately as a Long time Business Professional with more than 28 years of customer service, business ownership and sales and equipment and merchandise sales, in 3 different countries.
Thank you for your immediate attention to this
I expect a very fast and urgent response and action to be swift and I want a better quality service when I go to the CLA TOWN CENTER MALL PANGSANJAN FALLS, CDR-KING AREZA

46 Rhogiemel   (08 February 2017 10:19 AM)
I buy new micro sd card 16gb and then when i tried it there is a message pop up "SD CARD DAMAGED". My phone is cherry mobile flare s play and it will malfunction. I cannot save my image when i take a picture on camera. I hope you will respond to my complain because i need it for my work. Please ASAP !!!

45 Seng   (04 February 2017 2:02 PM)
The Saleslady (Cashier) at cdr king Pacita Branch is so unfriendly. She gets into my nerve for being impolite. I asked for her assistance to fit the cellphone cover but unfortunately, it doesn't fit.I asked her if they have other cover for that model, she didn't say a word, just a face expression of being annoyed to us.This happened today Feb.4,2017 at 1 in the afternoon, I hope to get her name soon.

44 Eddie Mar de Guzman   (25 January 2017 9:49 AM)
Why is it always a concern with the salesladies? I also have a problem with a saleslady in Starmall Bulacan branch. Anyways I have a problem regarding a receipt I lost last January 17, 2017 I am having a hard time securing even a xerox copy can you please help because I cannot be reimbursed by the company without a copy of the receipt please reply as soon as possible

43 jovy cando   (24 January 2017 7:31 PM)
One of your sales lady at SM Valenzuela branch is very disrespectful to your customers. I bought an item to this branch last sunday,january 22,2017 at around 1 in tha afternoon. She almost shouted me not only once but twice. I'm informing this matter to you so that you can observe your employees if they treat your customers well. She is slim, around 5 feet height and pointed nose.thank you.

42 MARY ANN ISIDRO   (04 January 2017 8:15 PM)
i have a concern about your sales lady at sm baliwag branch. she is very arrogant and does not show any concern to the customer the third time i try to buy a product her approach is not good. that is why i decided to inform you. i am not the only one who experienced it to her, some of my collegues too.
thank you

41 Seng   (23 November 2016 2:27 PM)
hi, ask ko lang kung san me available na laptop sleeves 14-15 inches at laptop keypad protector. thank you

40 amay   (22 November 2016 10:27 AM)
please help me to fix the problem of this unit cd-r king m series H.264 Network DVR The Hard Disk Cannot Be Detected or can not be recognized...

39 mark   (03 October 2016 4:29 PM)
My cdr king led tv is on key locked, i dont know how to reset .Sira na yung remote contro,lPagpinipindot ko yung volume or yung channel key lock ang lumalabas.Help me pls.

38 Junemark Cabillan   (27 September 2016 8:36 AM)
anong branch po available itong .. computer case na ito .
Php 1,240.00

37 Reynaldo Teo   (22 June 2016 3:41 PM)
Hope your services will be fast!

36 Reynaldo Teo   (22 June 2016 3:40 PM)
Hi, I am trying very hard to locate your technical serviceman about router configuration but unable to contact any one from your various branches in Paranaque City. I was able to talk to your technical support person named RR, who was helpful but still am still waiting for him to inform me in what branch the technical person will be reporting. You don't have a service center only roaming technical person, only 1? Please help.

Thank you.41346

35 Pie   (20 June 2016 1:44 PM)
Hi, I am trying to contact your branch contact number but no one is answering... just want to inquire for the availability of items...

34 Dell Dakila   (06 June 2016 8:04 AM)
Need laser presenter small only, worth around P300.
What branch available?

33 julieta ortiz   (31 May 2016 7:50 AM)
Looking for Network Cable 30M or 40M ethernet cable. Tried CD-R king entire pangasinan branches, sm valenzuela, victory mall and puregold dalandanan.
please advise where this is available
thank you

32 Tomas Lim   (30 March 2016 11:33 AM)
Looking for universal aircon remote control had held unit. Tried CD-R king branches at Waltermart Arnaiz and Market Market. Please advise where this is available.

31 jimmy ng   (10 February 2016 10:40 AM)
Dear Ma'am/Sir,

I need the contact number of CDR KING's Purchasing Department.

Thank you.


30 cerman gealone   (29 December 2015 10:12 AM)
how to unlock cdr king lcd monitor

29 spunky   (11 December 2015 1:30 PM)
they never reorder anything, always no stock, no stock...
in the last year they really went downhill.
seems the stores are getting smaller too...
and they don't keep the good stuff in stock, just the cheap stuff.

28 Jayson   (22 November 2015 7:23 PM)
We have this TV model LT32A1 by CD-R KING.
I would like to ask for some help on how to unlock all the buttons at the side of the TV.
When I'm trying to press the button, KEY LOCK is being shown on the screen.
What is the right thing to do to solve this problem?

27 KLAUS RUDI   (10 November 2015 4:11 PM)
I want buy a USB HUB FOR 10 usb's for 360 P or 380 P (?). In your Kalibo Branch, Gaisano is no stock! Can you help me and 2 USb Hub for 10 USB'S for 360 P or 380 P (?)to to your Kalibo Branch and inform me to my CP# 0921-5607833 when there in Kalibo Branch ist stock again. Thank you.

26 Chesca Aguila   (22 October 2015 11:41 AM)
I would like to ask you HR to PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR STAFF'S CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICES. I recently bought a USB fan unfortunately the clamp is not suitable for my desk, wherein I CANNOT MAKE USE OF WHAT I PURCHASED. I tried to have it replaced, unfortunately one of the staff (slightly chubby woman with long hair) was very unfriendly and quite rude. I asked her if it is possible for exchange item. she mentioned only items with defect are allowed to be changed. I explained my situation and she was very indignant. I then asked her, "don't you have any customer consideration?" she said no flatly. I said, I cannot just change my table just to be able to make use of the fan. She was sour-faced and silent. I then saw the change in her face as she returns my item to its box. I told her that I will return it and she just left me.
I have been patronizing your products even before you have established your company and yet, this kind of management is not something you should be proud of. I do hope you understand my point. If however, I purchased an item I intended to give as a gift and the recipient already has the same, there will still be no consideration?

25 ed tarrosa   (18 October 2015 9:58 PM)
how can i order a trisim colored t.v.phone

24 Joana Litan   (27 September 2015 4:24 PM)
Poor branch customer personnel at cd- r king ayala district anabu and very weak and none quality times bad service at all!! So so many customer complains none of it got resolve!

23 karizza mae   (13 June 2015 5:19 PM)
.is there any available laptop adaptor connector tips at cabuyao city laguna branch cause in sta. Laguna it is out of stock.

22 rodney ramos   (30 May 2015 2:35 PM)
my niece bought a headphone with mp3 player & radio etc. last march 27 or 28 2015 in cdr king as gift for me at wilcon vizasayas avenue branch. unfortunately when i was about to recharge the device a short circuit occured and damaged my headphone. so i went to cdr king wilcon visayas avenue branch and asked the cahier/sales lady if i can have it fix by your staff they advised me to better buy a new unit because the repairing charges maybe even higher than buying a new one.a so i decided to buy another headphone but the saleslady said they dont have it at the moment, when i was walking outside of cdr i saw a box displayed at the back of the cashier so i went back inside to tell them about it the saleslady said it is damaged and dont have the cables etc. with it. i said its okay for i only need the headphone itself because i already have the cables. the headphone has some damages but still working so i asked for a discount on it because of some missing cables, cracked at the earpiece and power button is loosen but the manager is only giving 10% off, no one will buy that item a bigger discount is what i want!!! i already bought same headphone to that store, if possible atleast 40-50 % off, if you could only see that headphone that i want to buy as a replacement for my first one, please be considerate in solving my problem. il be waiting for a favorable reply, thanking you rodney

21 Rey Sicat   (16 May 2015 1:30 PM)
I bought a solar panel last may 12, 2015 in marquee mall angeles city pampanga, I bought the 100 watts solar panel, when I use it at peak sunlight is only producing 50 watts. Can I return the item or can you replace it to a bigger 100 watts panel? Thanks.

20 Susan Eusebio   (15 May 2015 10:10 AM)
Hi would like to inquire where the insect terminator is available in Quezon City area I have called Centris branch but its not available. how about M place?

19 Marian Anne Dela Pena   (26 July 2014 11:00 AM)
need to complain about a very poor customer service in cdr king pasay(pasay ground floor victory mall). they made me wait for several minutes. they cant find the code of a certain product but they already know the price.it was me who asked them because i was waiting there in the store for several minutes. they did not bother letting me know whats going on. i also noticed that most of the sales clerk were on the same place while a lot of customers were already at the counter waiting for someone to assist them. i approached one lady but she refused to help and she asked me look to for another clerk instead. i went to the other lady when she gave me the product that i was planning to buy it was really dirty so i asked if there was another stock. she replied none. but when i checked above the cabinet there was still another stock. i never had this kind of experience in other cdr king branch. pls send me the cdr king head office contact info at 09084362654. i appreciate it thanks in advance

18 Mark Angelou Sefuentes   (07 July 2014 7:01 PM)
Davao branch don't have all the items that you just released (new arrival) or does Davao not cooperating well in the business? they lack necessarily in stock too Davao CDR-king is too lame. Please be more considerate cause many people are depending on your items. Hope you understand thank you.

17 Ar Man   (27 June 2014 11:59 AM)
How to reset dvr recorder password for cctv when we forgot the existing password.

16 rin   (25 May 2014 10:01 AM)
does your drum kit also be use as a controller on ps2?

15 Sandy Estrada   (03 April 2014 5:28 PM)
CDR KING STARMALL: Store personnel does not know your products whether they are available or even existing or not . Would just rudely shake her head (meaning there's none available) without verifying first. Turns out the item being asked is indeed available. Does not know proper customer conduct. Cashier Karen defends new comer Ana. PLEASE TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE BEFORE EVEN ALLOWING THEM INSIDE YOUR STORE. POOR LOUSY SERVICE. HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU GUYS ALLOWED TO DO BUSINESS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY?

14 Steph   (17 March 2014 6:52 PM)
I bought a vehicle tracker from CDRKing.
But here's the story

GPS fence doesn't work through SMS.
Tried to contact cust.serv. through email;
Their reply did not answer the question nor solve the problem;
Asked to speak to the manufacturer;
Was told manufacturer would not be disclosed;
Asked CDRKing to then supply the solution;
No solution was supplied for weeks, then called cust.serv. (numbers as given at the bottom of their own emails);
Spoke to some call centre monkey first, was told one would wait for manufacturer's response;
Days went by...;
Called again, was told to speak with a "Mr Jerry";
"Mr Jerry" then had *some* answers but GPS fence still not workin;
"Mr Jerry" told me he would get back to the manufacturer ans ask;
Days went by...;
I called again, no solution. Was told I'd get a response by email once manufacturer responded;
As of today, still no response from "Mr Jerry";
CDRKing's cust.serv does not answer the phone also.

I'm stuck with a nonfuncioning, worthless device, thanks to the non-efforts of CDRKing.

Does anyone have a contact for the management? Need to leave a complaint a bit higher up.
The manufacturer is probably Chinese, judging from their way of treating a customer (own experience with Ibuygou.com e.g.)

My conclusion: Don't buy from CDRKing! If there is an issue, you're stuck, no help. It's all fake.


13 macky   (23 September 2013 7:49 PM)
hi good pm can i know wat is the contact number of the cdrking main office i would like to apply in your store hope to give me some feedback about my quesion thank you and god bless

12 jean   (13 September 2013 5:10 PM)
good day!!!!how come your customer service hotline is not in service?whats the use of posting the number?An Hour ago I was so pissed by your customer service at CD-R KING GUADA MALL BRANCH..I waited for more than an hour since they dont have proper number system,the voice are not loud and cannot be heard everybody seems busy, there were like 20 people around and only 2-3 person attending the customer..I will not anymore buy your products..although the products are cheap but you have very poor customer service..Im very dissapointed!!

11 Kristine   (02 September 2013 1:17 PM)
Good day!

I bought a pocket wifi a week ago, and i only got to connect it for a day, slowly.
And i was not able to connect it anymore since then.
I used a Sun prepaid with it, and followed the on-line instructions.
Any suggestions to make it work?
Thank you.
Thank you and God bless!

10 Lito   (25 July 2013 11:48 AM)
I lost my manual of the DVR H 264 I bought last year. Is it possible to ask for a copy of said manual as I have problem configuring the unit at the moment. Would appreciate your early reply. Thank you. lito

9 wilson   (12 July 2013 10:18 AM)
how long do i have to charge your rechargable triple A battery?. thanks in advance!

8 bhel   (07 July 2013 9:50 AM)
good morning.. how can i contact cdr king main office? tnx

7 bhel   (07 July 2013 1:10 AM)
hi, what is the contact number of CDR KING main office?

6 Nichole Subrino   (29 May 2013 9:31 PM)
Ok, Now I found out the problem. My cd-r king tablet, wasn't able to stand by power anymore. The battery on the screen indicates a full charged battery, then it turns off if i removed the charger.. what shall i do? :( I hate this now.....

5 Nichole Subrino   (29 May 2013 6:02 PM)
Hi, I bought A tablet from cd- r king...a few weeks ago..then, i downloaded some games, suddenly, the screen keeps on blinking..even if i off it or reset it, it won't..what shall i do?

4 joselito777   (26 May 2013 11:47 AM)
Jayson Panganiban, reset your router by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds. Then, wait for 1 minute.

Test your internet connection.

3 dude   (23 April 2013 11:23 AM)
I have a router (model CW-5354U) which has a firmware version of Tomato 1.7. I tried to flash Tomato 1.8 but after updating, my router doesn't show up on any of my devices. What do I do? i can't afford to buy another router. :(

2 admin   (08 January 2013 1:12 PM)
jun, to recover the files, you can use EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional. It's a data recovery software. There are lots of download links available in the internet. Just search it in Google.

1 Chris   (04 January 2013 5:59 PM)
Is there an available IPOD SHUFFLE CHARGER? in what branch (manila area). I already went to SM manila, SM sta mesa, Lucky China, but they told me it's out of stock? I really need it, thanks.

hoping for your immediate reply