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How to Recover Lost or Forgotten TIN (Tax Identification Number) in Philippines?

Due to your busy lifestyle, you might forget your TIN (Tax Identification Number) or you might lost a copy of it. And here you are, you need your TIN. Here are two (2) simple options you need to do to recover or get your TIN:

Recover Lost TIN in Philippines

Option 1

Using your phone, you can call BIR Contact Center (02) 981-8888. A BIR representative will answer your call. Get ready to answer some few questions for identity verification. Please be polite upon talking to the BIR representative. BIR has strict rules on taxpayer confidentiality.

Option 2

Go to a nearest BIR Revenue District Office (RDO). If you do not know where your BIR office is, ask your neighbors or friends. They'll be happy to answer your simple question "Where's the BIR office?". Remember to bring a valid ID (Government-issued ID's or company ID). And also bring any of your supplementary ID's (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.) just for sure. BIR may need these documents for identity verification. Remember, BIR has strict rules on 

How Important TIN is?

TIN is used for tax purposes. Some banks may require it. LTO requires it especially for applying for Professional Driver's License. A stock broker may require it if you want to invest in stocks. When you establish a business with proper permit, TIN is required. The BIR uses your TIN to document and file every tax you pay.


As of this date, BIR has no online retrieval or online recovery of TIN. Online recovery of TIN will truly speed-up the transactions and can save manpower and money.

Do you want BIR to implement TIN online recovery? What do you think?
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527 Janine Penales   (28 June 2017 1:01 PM)
Good day!
I just would like to ask if you can verify my TIN.
JANUARY 11,1993
thank you for the feedback!

526 Danilo d. Juico   (28 June 2017 7:20 AM)
Good morning po. Gudto ko po sana malaman yung tin number ko....

525 Nora F. Valencia   (27 June 2017 6:49 PM)
Good day! Gusto ko lng po sana malaman o marecover yung tin no. ko. Thanks.

524 ROWELA ABUTOG OLARVE   (27 June 2017 2:32 PM)
i just want to know my TIN number, Thank you so much

523 elimar bisares   (23 June 2017 5:30 PM)
gusto po malaman yung TIN number ko maam, thank you.
Elimar T. Bisares
March 17, 1994
Birthplace: Sampaloc, Manila

522 elimar bisares   (23 June 2017 5:28 PM)
gusto ko po malaman ulit yung TIN number ko maam, thank you.

521 Pamela Y. Araujo   (22 June 2017 11:23 AM)
Good Afternoon, I just forgot what my TIN number is and I just want to know it so that my latest employer can update it. Thank you!
Pamela Y. Araujo
February 10, 1998
Birthplace: Olongapo City

520 marites dardo   (19 June 2017 6:10 PM)
hi, i forgot my TIN number, can you help me recover it? thank you!

519 Jovel V. Vicente   (15 June 2017 7:17 AM)
Gusto ko po malaman yung tin number ko sir' mam'

518 Michael Gabriel T. de Vera   (14 June 2017 9:00 PM)
Nakalimutan ko po tin number . Please paki email po kasi kailangan ko lang po sa pagaapply sa trabaho.

517 Momtadz Aripin   (14 June 2017 4:20 PM)
Good Day po im Mr. Momtadz Sahisan Aripin nalimutan ko po tin id number ko po pwede po paki email nyo sa akin need ko po talaga pls
Ito fullname ko : Momtadz Sahisan Aripin
Address : Davao City Philippines
Email : monaripin08211991@gmail.com

516 Romulo G. Lozada Jr.   (08 June 2017 12:12 PM)
Nawala po ang Tin ID ko few years back at dahil nasa ibang bansa po ako di ko na naasikaso. maari ko po kayang makuha ulit ang TIN # OR ID KO? salamat.

515 Venus Esperanza   (08 June 2017 9:12 AM)
Gusto ko po mlaman ang tin ko

514 Danie M. Coronado   (07 June 2017 7:25 PM)
Hi! i just want to ask if how can i check if i have a TIN already in BIR. my former company didn't provide me my TIN number but i already provided them my Form 1902. i was just disappointed last time when i want to the BIR at Pasig the Gov. rep. didn't assist me an just yelled at me to get a form from the guard to apply for a TIN and doesn't even asked what my concern is. pls answer me.
i'm already 20 yrs old and that's not the proper way to as assist your Taxpayers.

513 Jorgia M.Simeon   (07 June 2017 4:07 PM)
Hi i lost my tin no. Pls send my email need ko na po
Jorgia M.Simeon
April 14,1991
Birthplace bocaue bulacaan

512 Jorgia M.Simeon   (07 June 2017 4:05 PM)
Hi panu po un nawala po u tin no. Ko panu po gagawin ko jorgia m. Simeon
Bday april 14,1991
Birthplace bocaue bulacan

511 arturo bernido villanueva jr   (07 June 2017 1:38 PM)
Good day,

I forgot my TIN no. please send to my email. here some of my details
Birthday : January 21, 1977 born in bohol, Filipino.


510 Adrian Tambongco   (07 June 2017 6:20 AM)
nawala ko po yong TIN number ko. baka po pwede nyo I send sa I-mail ko. maraming salamat po.


509 Leveret Guesdan   (06 June 2017 11:07 PM)
Hello mam/sir
Nakalimutan ko po kasi ang ti id # ko wla pa po akong id
as i remember papel lng po yung binigay sakin nun
eto po ang full name ko
Leveret Pangwi Guesdan
Feb 15,1987
Smile city homes Building G kaligayahan st.Novaliches Q.C

508 Hecel Roshe A. Dela Cruz   (06 June 2017 3:46 AM)
May I know my forgotten tin? Please send it to my email p.j_2128@yahoo.com

507 Jossie Balintucas Emata   (05 June 2017 5:37 PM)
I forget my tin number can you help me to recover it online

506 Cheryl Armecin   (30 May 2017 10:36 AM)
I work before more than five years. I verify my tin no. at BIR office they said i dont have any tin no. they gave me form to secure a new tin no. I am doubtful to take another tin no. Coz that is not applicable using more than one tin no. How to verify if i have already a tin no...

505 John Paul Pedrano   (30 May 2017 6:28 AM)
good day po, i teli forgot my TIN number, how can i retrieve it po

504 Alvic M. Varquez   (30 May 2017 2:27 AM)
To whom it may concern,

I would like to ask your assistance to recover my lost and forgotten TIN Number. Please see below details;

Name: Alvic Macalinao Varquez
Birthday: 09 June 1978
Address: Block 3 Lot 24 Rosewood Homes, Brgy. Tagapo Sta. Rosa City of Laguna

Kindly send it to my email: vic_varquez@yahoo.com

Your kind consideration on this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

503 John Bennette Jumarito   (28 May 2017 8:10 PM)

kailangan ko din po TIN No. Ko sana matulungan nyo po ako Salamat.

Name: John Bennette S. Jumarito
Address: 369 Pineapple/cor. Jackfruit St.Sto. Domingo Vill.2 Pampanga Davao City
Birthday: October 11, 1979

502 sarah jane s. batas   (28 May 2017 6:21 AM)
Dear Sir/ Madam;

Please help me to retrieve my tin number, for employment purposes. I believed that the company that I used to work with already applied for my tin number. Thankyou so much in advance.. please send it to my email at lawsarahjane08@gmail.com or anemsle_kulet08@yahoo.com

Respectfully yours,

sarah jane s. batas
February 8, 1992
San Roque, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/philippine_government/how_to_recover_lost_or_forgotten_tin_tax_identification_number_in_philippines/5-1-0-30213#ixzz4iKA8erbs

501 Melbelyn Jean V. Cruz   (26 May 2017 2:29 PM)
Dear Sir/ Madam;

Please help me to retrieve my tin number, for employment purposes. I believed that the company that I used to work with already applied for my tin number. Thankyou so much in advance.. please send it to my email at melbelynjeancruz@yahoo.com

Respectfully yours,

Melbelyn Jean V. Cruz
February 5, 1983
Pulo, San RAfael, Bulacan

500 Wilmar R. Capuyan   (25 May 2017 6:34 PM)
can i rewcover my TIN ID number?

499 Francia Dioras Mahinay   (24 May 2017 4:26 PM)
Good day!

Can i get my tin number? Please i need to my job now.

498 Heinrick villela guarte   (23 May 2017 12:59 PM)
Tin number please ty

497 Heinrick villela guarte   (23 May 2017 12:59 PM)
Tin number

496 margie esguerra pascual   (23 May 2017 10:53 AM)
Please help me to verify my TIN # I forgot it already but I have my # when I was working in SM .

NOVEMBER 26 , 1992

495 shella may hermosa duro   (22 May 2017 6:55 PM)
Can you help me to get my TIN number. I can't remember My name is Shella May Hermosa Duro From Paranaque City.

494 KATRIN THAISE PAHUNANG   (22 May 2017 12:59 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

I want to verify my TIN number, please help me with this.
February 4, 1989

you can send my Tin number at katrinthaisepahunang@gmail.com

Thank You.

493 Jolina Mae B. Ballesteros   (20 May 2017 5:46 PM)
Itatanong ko lang din if what po yung tin id ko kasi di ko po nakuha doon sa kung saan ako nagwork eh. JOLINA MAE B. BALLESTEROS yung name ko then May 25, 1996 ang birthday ko. thank you send it to my email nalang po jolinaspersonal@gmail.com :)

492 DAVID R.DAVID   (18 May 2017 3:17 PM)
Good day tatanong ko lang po yung tin number ko DAVID R. DAVID po june 23,1985 please send it to my email dylanjozh@gmail.com salamat po

491 eduardo t mahusay   (18 May 2017 7:40 AM)
Good morning po,nakalimutan ko po ang birth date ko,ito po, Eduardo T Mahusay ,October 24,1958 [place; Cebu City]

490 eduardo t mahusay   (18 May 2017 6:55 AM)
itatanong ko lang po ang TIN number ko nakalimutan ko na po kasi dahil matagal na hindi nagamit, salamat po.

489 April Ann Rodriguez   (17 May 2017 9:16 AM)
Good morning po... Gusto ko lng po makuha tin ko po I'm April Ann Baleros Rodriguez born on 10th day of April 1983.. from iba,zambales... Send to my email address.. rodriguezaprilann@gmail.com I will greatly appreciate your action... Thanks....

488 April Ann Rodriguez   (17 May 2017 9:12 AM)
I'm April Ann Baleros Rodriguez.. pls help me I wanted to have my tin number... Pls send it to my email rodriguezaprilann@gmail.com

487 April Ann Rodriguez   (17 May 2017 9:10 AM)
Pwede ko po ba makuha tin number ko po...slamat po

486 Julius Rey W. Rosano   (15 May 2017 8:06 AM)
itatanong ko lang po kung ano po yung tin no. ko po ..
nawala po kasi sa employer ko po yun dati
hindi ko po natanong .. salamat po ..
yan po no. ko .. salamat po ..

485 Ma. Leila Castro Fornoles   (14 May 2017 5:46 PM)
Dear Sir,

I am an OFW and presently working here in UAE. I would like to inquire how can I retrieve my TIN Number that was issued to me. I don't have a TIN ID when I was still working in the Philippines. Please advise what shall I do in order to retrieve my TIN number. Your immediate response on the same will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Ma. Leila c. Fornoles

484 Antonette Chan Fernandez   (13 May 2017 10:43 AM)
Good Day!
How could i retrieve my TIN? First thing for sure, i didn't know that i have already one. My past company employer didn't told me that i was already registered. I would be grateful for your generosity. Please send my TIN to my gmail indicated above..
To God be the Glory...

483 Olymar fuentes   (12 May 2017 4:26 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

Blessed be God forever!

I want to verify my TIN number, can you help me to do this?
Olymar medina fuentes
July 18 1994
From samal, bataan

you can send my Tin number at fuentesmhar18@gmail.com

482 Mylene D. Tasipit   (11 May 2017 7:44 PM)
, good eve poh .. hndi q poh kc alam na may TIN number n poh pala q.. pwdi q poh ba malaman ung TIN number q.. thank u poh.. my name is Mylene D. tasipit , november 17, 1990 , my address is bukluran 4 blk 12 lot 10.. paki send nlang poh sa gmail q... iahm17mharu@gmail.com.. ASAP need q poh kc para sa bangko .. thank u poh ulit godbless.

481 Eliseo V. Lucso   (10 May 2017 4:05 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

Blessed be God forever!

I want to verify my TIN number, can you help me to do this?
Eliseo V. Lucso
November 11, 1987
From Binanangonan, Rizal

you can send my Tin number at elylucso11@gmail.com

480 Shirley a cabrera   (10 May 2017 5:25 AM)
Can i recover my husband's tin id? He needed it at work please send it to my email.. What information does we needed?

479 Janina A.de La Cuesta   (09 May 2017 1:44 PM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Can you help me to get my TIN number. I can't remember it. My name is Janina De La Cuesta, from Nasugbu, Batangas, my birthdate is September 10, 1994. send it to my email dlcstjanina@yahoo.com

Thank you,

478 Jaymar Punzalan Gonzales   (06 May 2017 11:36 AM)
Dear Ma'am/Sir

Can you please verify my tin number?Please send it to my email.

Thank you!

477 Edgardo Alejandro dela Cruz   (05 May 2017 1:56 PM)
Good day po..Ang pangalan ko ay Edgardo Alejandro dela Cruz..Nalimutan ko po ang TIN number ko.My birthday is October 14,1964..maaari po bang paki email sa akin as soon as possible po..Thank you very much po..Im from Bocaue,Bulacan

476 REY ROBLE PELIPAS   (05 May 2017 4:11 AM)

ako si Rey R. pelipas birthday june 27 1988 gusto ko lang po ma recover ang aking
TIN number.kasi po nakalimutan ko...maraming salamat po sana ma basa ninyo po ito....

475 Johanne Roise A. Clavano   (02 May 2017 4:38 PM)
Good Day!

My wallet was stolen and my BIR I.D. was there. May I ask how to get another I.D.? Do I need to pay for anything?

Thank You!

474 Jeiel P. Bandoy   (02 May 2017 9:16 AM)
Good morning. Can you please send my tin number? Thank you and God bless.

473 Jayson Dayday   (30 April 2017 10:43 PM)
please can you send to me my TIN
Thanks you

472 melvin77   (30 April 2017 2:33 AM)
can you please recover my tin number

471 Conny   (29 April 2017 5:27 PM)
Hi sir/mam i forgot myy TIN please can you recover it thank you

470 Anecito Mama Andig   (27 April 2017 8:33 PM)
I am a returning OFW. I forgot my TIN no. and lost my TIN ID. Can someone please help me recover it. My email ad is anecitoandig@gmail.com. Please send me email if you find it. Thank you.

Anecito Mama Andig
DOB: Aug. 03, 1969

469 franz roger bundoc   (26 April 2017 8:41 PM)
Dear: Sir/ma'am
Can you please recover my TIN number and send to my email address?
Thank you and God bless
name: franz roger bundoc

468 mary grace altabano catchola   (26 April 2017 5:50 PM)
I like to recover my tin id number because i lost my i.d.. can you help me to find it thank you

467 Claude Joseph Deuda   (26 April 2017 1:45 PM)
Dear: Sir/ma'am
Can you please recover my TIN number and send to my email address?
Thank you and God bless


466 Sarah Joy Lazaro   (26 April 2017 11:31 AM)
Can you please send me email attached my tin number

465 maris relampago sacapano   (25 April 2017 6:56 PM)
pllss po need ko para mkapag bayad naman ako sa bir at mapalitan ko ng self employde

464 maris relampago sacapano   (25 April 2017 6:55 PM)
pwede po bang mkuha tin number ko,since po kasi nag resign ako sa mcdo dko nkuha tin number ko

463 Ronelly David   (25 April 2017 6:11 PM)
I forgot my Tin no. I am a OFW can you send to my email Pls.

Ronelly David
DOB: January 17, 1987

462 Herbert Brozo Bautista   (25 April 2017 1:34 PM)
Dear: Sir/ma'am
Can you please recover my TIN number and send to my email address?
Herbert Brozo Bautista from Brgy. Bulacnin Lipa City Batangas

461 Manzanade, Maricar Garcia   (24 April 2017 9:34 PM)
Dear: Sir/ma'am
Can you please recover my TIN number and send to my email address?
Thank you and God bless


460 Rex Mendoza icamen   (23 April 2017 7:25 PM)
Dear Sir,
I am working abroad for so long and now I am planning to move back home and work as a regular employee , however one of my requirements is TIN and I already lost and forgot my tax account number. is it possible to recover my TIN? please hoping for your advice.

Thank you.
Rex Icamen

459 ma.mara ivana j. gallo   (22 April 2017 8:45 AM)
good day mam/sir, can you please send my tin number on my email ivanagallo03@gmail.com.thankyou

458 michael jerney alamis simoran   (21 April 2017 12:42 PM)
pwed pa send ng TIN NUMBER ko sa email ko ty..



457 Jonathan Labalan   (19 April 2017 1:53 PM)
Hi my name is Jonathan Labalan can I get my TIN numbers cause I for get it thinks

456 Giefie Canillo   (19 April 2017 10:36 AM)
Hello Can I retrieve my TIN number . . . Giefie Canillo. . . Thank you

455 jomer valderama tabucol   (14 April 2017 4:10 PM)
please send me my TIN number.ai have been an OFW for many years thats the reason for losing it.

Thnqk you

454 Elisa abergas nocum   (14 April 2017 7:45 AM)
Hi i lost my tin card, pano po ako makakakuha ng bagong tin id? Pwede po ba makakuha through a representative? If yes, ano po mga papers na dapat dalhin ng representative?

453 arnel s pulongbarit   (11 April 2017 3:16 PM)
can you please retrieve my TIN number for banking purposes thank you in advance

452 MARYWIN CABARLE MURILLO   (11 April 2017 2:50 PM)
Dear Sir/ Madam;
I need to retrieve my TIN number for insurance/purposes. Thanks

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/philippine_government/how_to_recover_lost_or_forgotten_tin_tax_identification_number_in_philippines/5-1-0-30213#ixzz4dvQCRmcE

451 Panganiban, Albert L.   (11 April 2017 1:02 PM)
pa send nmn po ng tin no. ko nakalimutan ko po. pa send nlng po sa email ko tnx.

450 Edwin Magoncia Timbang   (11 April 2017 12:01 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam:

I forgot my TIN and I don't remember it anymore...can you to me and send it to my email? Thank you.

449 Von Joseph Atienza Dagdag   (11 April 2017 7:26 AM)
Can you please recover my TIN number and send to my email address?
Thank you and God bless

448 Larra Luna Rivera Lauron   (10 April 2017 7:17 AM)
can you please recover my tin number and send it to my email adress. thanks

447 NOEL MARCOS SABORNIDO   (09 April 2017 2:00 PM)
hello po..i need ur help mo..i forgot my tin #..can u recover it? thankz po

446 Joyce Dingle   (09 April 2017 11:35 AM)
Kindly send my TIN number to my email. Thank you

445 Cecelia Pingos Jamito   (07 April 2017 1:56 PM)
Cecelia Pingos Jamito
Dh singpore

444 Cecelia Pingos Jamito   (07 April 2017 1:54 PM)
I need to take new card that my tin number card lost .

443 Brenda Jane Mendoza Estil   (03 April 2017 3:56 PM)
Please send me my Tax Identification Number.

Brenda Jane Mendoza Estil
January 12, 1992

Thank you!!

442 Ronald Mascarina   (03 April 2017 3:20 PM)
Please send to my email my Tax Identification Number.


Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/philippine_government/how_to_recover_lost_or_forgotten_tin_tax_identification_number_in_philippines/5-1-0-30213#ixzz4dAl3vc4I

441 dfqers   (01 April 2017 11:19 AM)
If you're an employee you can ask your employer. don't be stupid

440 clint bilacaol   (01 April 2017 7:10 AM)
i dnt knw my tin number, can i knw?

439 Ranel Tillo   (31 March 2017 9:38 PM)
I really need to retrieve my TIN number but I can't come to nearest office of yours because I don't have extra time and I am not allowed to be absent from my work. Please do help me.

438 Teresita A. Ibatan   (30 March 2017 9:40 PM)
Please help me to retirieve my tin number. Thank you very muc

437 Eulalia Lopez Arrastia   (30 March 2017 1:07 PM)
Dear Sir/ Madam;
I need to retrieve my TIN number for insurance/purposes. Thank you for your help

436 carlos   (30 March 2017 7:51 AM)
Hi Good DAy

Im Carlos L. Jacala 30, currently living here in Cebu. I lost my TIN ID CArd and I cant remember My TIN No. I just want to ask if you can send me as soon as possible. I badly need it to process my New BPI Acct. Thank you.

435 Ronald Vincent Vargas Vallejo   (29 March 2017 2:22 AM)
Hi kindly send me my tin number i need it here in singapore thanks more power!!

434 Marivic Infante   (28 March 2017 4:55 PM)
good day po!gusto ko lang po malaman kung ano uli yung tin number ko..kasi nawala ko po yung tin id ko..tnx

433 Evangeline p. Villaran   (28 March 2017 4:06 PM)
Name: Evangeline Papa Villaran
Birthday: November 1, 1977

Please send my TIN number bcoz it requires to my business application....
Thank you very much..
Please email me : rodsalamat.jr@gmail.com

432 arnulfo c. rosbago   (26 March 2017 7:19 PM)
i forgot my TIN number due to long time employed as OFW . i want to retrieve my TIN number for opening a business at my own account. please help me to recover it..

431 Maria Rosa Catimbong Meneses   (24 March 2017 9:44 PM)
i forgot my TIN number due to long time of not employed. i want retrieve my TIN number for opening an bank account. please help me to recover it..

please email at meneses0811maria@gmail.com

430 JHOVI B PERALTA   (22 March 2017 10:11 PM)

429 Erlinda lim   (20 March 2017 4:22 PM)
How to retrieve my TIN number?
Thank you.

428 Loise Lopez   (20 March 2017 11:35 AM)
I forgot my tin number. Please help me recover it.

427 Alvher Luna   (20 March 2017 8:35 AM)
Please send to me my tin number. Thankyou and godbless.

426 Mary Grace Flores Laxa   (18 March 2017 9:05 PM)
Kindly send my TIN no. Need it for my job application. Thank you.

425 John Lawrence Baclohan   (18 March 2017 8:11 PM)
Please send me my TIN number as soon as possible. Thank you!

424 apolinar atienza amado   (18 March 2017 3:47 PM)
pls send to me my tin number thanks po

423 Rhainee Belle Lanutan   (17 March 2017 12:38 PM)
Hi Ma'am/Sir.

Good day!

i forgot my TIN number , please help me retrieve me . You can contact me through my email address:
Email: belz.lanutan13@gmail.com

Thankyou .

422 Jessica Franz A. Bico   (16 March 2017 6:29 PM)
Name: Jessica Franz A. Bico
Birthday: December 11, 1989

I forgot my tin number please help me retrieve it . You can reach me through my email address

My email is :

421 Jessica Franz A. Bico   (16 March 2017 6:26 PM)
I forgot my TIN number .can you pls help me retrieve it. Thankyou!

You can reach me thru email. Have a great day!

420 aldrin jayson tayao   (16 March 2017 1:43 PM)
name: aldrin jayson u. tayao
Bday: feb 2 1995 pls send me my tin

419 ronnel del campo molato   (14 March 2017 5:41 PM)
Hi Ma'am/Sir! Good Day!
Can I have my TIN? I've forgot it and I also lost the white form, I really need it for my complying my requirements. Please reply to my email address: ronnelmolato@gmail.com . Thank You and please consider my message.

418 ronnel del campo molato   (14 March 2017 5:26 PM)
pwede po malaman yong TIN ko kasi nakalimutan ko po yon. kailangan ko lang po sa requirements.salamat

417 Danilo Nasilo-An Marasigan Jr.   (14 March 2017 4:34 PM)

Pwede ko po malaman Tin number ko,nawawala po kasi ang ID ko hindi ko rin po matandaan.Kelangan ko lang po sa sa requirements ko.

416 Christopher Laguit   (14 March 2017 8:28 AM)
Hello Good Day

I nust want to ask and verify my tin number.I forgot already.thank u

415 Dennis Montible   (14 March 2017 6:26 AM)

Pwede po malaman TIN number ng nanay ko? Nawawala nya kasi ID nya and d rin nya matandaan. Need nya po kasi. Eto po details:
Lucrecia macabales montible
February 7, 1949
Paki email n lng po sa:
Or paki text n lng po sa 0917-8362444
Thank you,

414 Jimy co suarez   (13 March 2017 9:16 PM)
Maam/Sir please pki send sa akin yung tin number ko kasi hnd ko alam 09092847563 thank po

413 Jimy co suarez   (13 March 2017 9:13 PM)
I cannot rember my tin number

412 JOSELITO VILLAMOR   (10 March 2017 9:55 AM)
For those who are enquiring for the TIN ID .. pwedi po kayu makapag drop ng message sa email account ko

411 Mark Wilson Lunas   (09 March 2017 5:11 PM)
Good Day sir/maam. nakqalimutan ko po kasi ang tin number ko po. pwede niyo po ba ako matulungan para marecover ko ang tin number ko po. thank you. and have a good day.

410 Joel beriones umayam   (08 March 2017 8:18 PM)
Good day sir i am hier of juanito lion hier of king philipp lion of spain ,hier of juan ponce de leon ,conquistador find out my dna.my number 09337039259.no.14 snt.ignatius st. Maria corazon subd. Cupang antipolo city.philippines.how to verify my tin number tin no.232 59 6865 000

409 bernard casaljay   (08 March 2017 2:46 PM)
Good afternoon po. May nareplyan na po ba dito sa lost tin? Thanks po!

408 zonar toraja   (05 March 2017 8:08 AM)
Good day po di ko na matandaan tin # ko po nawala sa documents ko. kelangan ko kasi po da application please help me po para marecover ko yung tin # ko. thank you.details ko po name: zonar toraja. b-day: july 26, 1983. email address: zoulkpr26@yahoo.com

407 Roscheen Kim T. Juanillo   (04 March 2017 5:05 PM)
Good day po. nakalimutan ko po tin # ko. Pakisuyo naman po pakisend nlng po sa email add ko. Roscheen Kim T. Juanillo, roscheenkimtjuanillo@gmail.com. Kailangan ko po para sa work. Maraming salamat po.

406 Cindy B. Nepomuceno   (04 March 2017 2:00 PM)
Please end me my tin number asap

June 24,1992
Send to my email cindy_devera12@yahoo.com

405 Jemuelyn Andaya   (03 March 2017 12:11 PM)
Please send my TIN number..
Birthday:december 10, 1991..
please send it to my email jemandaya@ymail.com

404 ramonsito   (01 March 2017 8:29 PM)
Please send me my TIN number, required for my work. Thank you.
Ramonsito P.Cartagena Jr.
November 16 1993
Please send through my yahoomail ramon_palang@yahoo.com Thankyou

403 Samuel palma gumban   (01 March 2017 5:39 PM)
Gusto ko malaman TIN number ko,,nakalimutan ko

402 Jason S. Silangon   (27 February 2017 3:37 PM)
Please help me with my tin #. Thanks
From Davao City
Born on Dec. 6 1996

401 Chloue Ann J. Abella   (26 February 2017 4:05 PM)
Good afternoon Mr./Ms. I would like to recover my TIN number I badly need it for my new employer because my past employer untag me in their Iboss they said they can't see my account anymore. I humbly ask for your help. Thank you I hope you can help me.

400 Ramone Truong   (26 February 2017 2:52 PM)
Please send me my TIN number, required for my work. Thank you.
Please send through my gmail ramone.truong10@gmail.com
October 14, 1989

399 emy lemuel kirby a. estrera   (26 February 2017 2:24 PM)
please kindly send me my TIN number
to my email i need it for applying for work
please thank you

398 Mylene Santiago Macatangay   (26 February 2017 1:05 PM)

Please send my TIN number in my gmail..thank you so much.
Mylene Santiago Macatangay
october 14,1990


397 Geneva Lagang   (23 February 2017 8:41 PM)
Hi, Pls send my tin# and 1902 form if possible. geneva_lagang@yahoo.com.ph thanks

396 Roneilex P. Domingo   (22 February 2017 8:05 AM)

Please send to my email my Tax Identification Number.


395 Maerelle A. Cantos   (22 February 2017 7:58 AM)
Good morning po Mam/Sir pwede nyo po ba ko matulungan kasi di o po tanda yung Tin Number ko. Salamat po.

Maerelle A. Cantos
February 21, 1992

394 John allen amor sastre   (22 February 2017 7:08 AM)
Gud day po sa inyong website! Gusto ko rin po sanang malaman yung tin ko online kaylangan po ito sa work ko. Maraming salamat Po!

393 QUEEN C. GARCIA   (22 February 2017 7:04 AM)
Good Morning

I forgot my TIN Number, I kindly ask to help me to recover it.

Thank You.

392 Christnovo MarambaParaiso   (19 February 2017 8:50 AM)
Have a nice day mam/ sir
Humingi po aq kongting tulong sa inyo pwede nyo b ako tulungan sa tin number q nawala kasi pakisend nalang po sa email ko christnovoparaiso@yahoo.com...ito fullname q
Christnovo Maramba Paraiso
Birthday :december 31,1984
Thank you sir/mam godbless you all...

391 ron benedict villanueva ilagan   (18 February 2017 2:05 PM)
want to know mt tin number . thanks

390 Jane Yee Enriquez   (18 February 2017 11:57 AM)
Hi, I need to recover my TIN number and get my ID as well. I misplaced it unfortunately. I will be needing it as soon as possible. Can you please give me tips on how to do it? My phone number is 09079769311. Thank you so!

389 Dennie T. Ruma   (17 February 2017 12:29 PM)
Good afternoon. Please send my TIN number to my email. Thank you.

388 maria rowena G. Acuzar   (14 February 2017 8:01 AM)
good morning po, pede ko malaman ang tin number k .nawala po kasi ang wallet ko .pede po paki send ngayon sa email ko..maraming salamat po..gb po

387 JORMAY MAYO   (13 February 2017 10:24 PM)
May bayad ba ang pagkuha ng TIN ID?

386 Rey Martin Paulin   (13 February 2017 10:24 PM)
Nawala po yung tin number ko baka pede naman po pakitulungan po ako salamat po eto po fullname ko and bday.

Rey Martin Paulin
April 15,1995

385 Chester L. Tuliao   (13 February 2017 8:34 PM)
Nawala ang Tin ID ko paano malalaman ang TIN number ko nakalimutan ko kasi.
Name: Chester L . Tuliao
Address: Barangay 163 Bartoleme compound Sta.Quiteria Caloocan city
Birthday: August 20,1985

384 Mary Jane O.Melchor   (13 February 2017 4:03 PM)
Gusto ko lang po malaman yung TIN No.# ko,hindi ko po kasu alam yung tin no. ko po,please

383 redgie bonus   (13 February 2017 2:43 PM)
nawala ko po yung tin card ko..pwede ko po ba makuha yung tin number ko?pakisend na lang po sa gmail ko jingbonus@gmail.com..thankyou !

382 Mozart Jello O. Olario   (12 February 2017 6:09 PM)
I don't remember my TIN number. Please help me out.

381 Gesebel B.Villalobos   (10 February 2017 12:36 PM)
Nawala ang Tin ID ko paano malalaman ang TIN number ko nakalimutan ko kasi.
Name: Gesebel B. Villalobos
Address: Guinbanuahan, Balud, Masbate
Birthday: October 26,1991

380 Abraham.Jr Arcayena Siason   (08 February 2017 6:58 PM)
gusto ko lang po malaman ung tin number ko dahil nawala ko po ung id ko at di ko po naka bisado .

379 MA AGNES F. ROMERO   (07 February 2017 5:33 PM)
Please help me makuha ko tin number nawala po kasi salamat po.

378 Samuelito Rosales   (06 February 2017 7:04 PM)
Samuelito Maquiling Roasales
June 27,1986

377 Samuelito Rosales   (06 February 2017 4:40 PM)
Samuelito Maquiling Rosales Jr.
June 27,1986

Pls....help me...

376 Jimmy jinon   (06 February 2017 0:19 AM)
Paki retrieve nmn po.. Ng tin num ko... Tnx..
June 25,1985

Jimmy martelino jinon

375 Christopher L. Capangpangan   (05 February 2017 11:53 AM)
GOOD DAY ! I am asking a favor from your good office.. Would you please help me to retrieve my Tax Identification Number. Hoping for your immediately response..Thank you and more power to you..GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS AND YOUR FAMILY

374 Mark Jeffrey bernaldo   (04 February 2017 8:23 PM)
Forgot my tin no. I need ASAP

373 Anna Rossiel A. Alcaraz   (04 February 2017 4:51 PM)
How can I get my tin number?

372 *maryjane polon   (04 February 2017 0:04 AM)
.Good day po;; nawala ko po kasi ung tin id ko..pwd ko ho ba mkuha ung tin number ko po.. pa
gawa nlng po ako ng bago..
polonmaryjane0@gmail.com yan po email ko.

371 Jayson Royo Diauna   (03 February 2017 2:39 PM)
I need my tin number asap.thanks
Jayson Royo Diauna
September 8,1990

370 joseph john mandilag santos   (03 February 2017 12:40 PM)
APRIL 29 1995



369 Janine Manese   (02 February 2017 8:31 AM)
Forgot my tin number.

368 Carlos Bencila Discipulo   (31 January 2017 6:43 PM)
Carlos Bencila Discipulo
March 22 1985.
Need my tin number asap,
Thanks in advance,sir/madam.

367 Carlos Bencila Discipulo   (31 January 2017 6:42 PM)
Forgot my tin number,march 22 1985.

366 Roxas, John Marc   (31 January 2017 3:03 PM)
Good afternoon, can you help me retrieve my TIN. Thank you and God Bless.

Roxas, John Marc de la Torre
February 24, 1990

Thank you again.

365 sandy paway penamora   (31 January 2017 10:34 AM)
good morning bir puede po ba ninyo isend sa email add ko t.i.n. number ko nakalimutan ko kasi

364 Haydee Faye Resulta   (30 January 2017 2:48 PM)

363 Divina Gracia J. Bacani   (30 January 2017 1:57 PM)
Hi , need your assistance , please let me know, how can i recover my TIN number.

362 Diana John Perez   (29 January 2017 1:34 PM)
Good day,

I forgot my TIN and I want to recover it. Im looking forward for your assistance.
Thank you.

361 Joseph Amerson Badiango   (28 January 2017 1:10 PM)
Hi goodatfernoon i forgot my TIN number can you please send it to my emal thankyou!
Name: Joseph Amerson Badiango
Address: Atis st.landing limay bataan
Date of birth: September 11,1987
Mother's maiden name: Agnes Vergara Martinez
Email address: badiangojoseph@yahoo.com

360 Armand T.Moneza   (27 January 2017 9:44 PM)
Good Day,

Hi, please assist me to recover my TIN number.Thank You in Advance

359 ruby anne de villa fajardo   (27 January 2017 8:15 PM)
forgotten tin number of my husband
jomar viray fajardo
january 26 1983
maabud north san nicolas batangas..

358 Rodelio V. de Guia   (27 January 2017 4:14 PM)
Good Day Mam/Sir

Please send to my email my tin number
Rodelio Villafranca de Guia
July 13, 1972
Thank You

357 Rodelio V. de Guia   (27 January 2017 4:03 PM)
please send to my email thanks
July 13, 1972

356 Jayson Manio   (27 January 2017 12:01 PM)
I dont know if i have TIN number on my previous work.
May i know my TIN NUMBER?
kindly please send it to my email address.
Name :Jayson Reyes Manio
Birthdate:January 27,1991
Address:Noraville Subdivision Kawayan Orani Bataan
Email address : progjaysonr@gmail.com

if you need some verification id i can send it via email. Thank you!

355 John Paul Cansancio Dagle   (27 January 2017 11:25 AM)
I have forgotten my Bir Tin number i would like to ask whats my tin number bellow are my information.
This is John Paul Cansacio Dagle work at Techmahindra Vcustomer , 21 years of age birth date was on November 24 1995 if theres still locking information stated above please feel free to email me at johnpauldagle@gmail.com

354 ar-jay cantos jordan   (26 January 2017 3:21 PM)
how get or verify online my tin number thanks

353 Melvin Campos   (26 January 2017 5:36 AM)
Dear sir/madam,

Please send to email my TIN.
My name is Melvin Hipolito Campos,
my birthday is December 20, 1991
My email add is melvincampos977@gmail.com

Thank you!!! :-)

352 shawn micheal m lopez   (25 January 2017 5:46 PM)
i forgot may tin number can u help me please send it to my email thank you!!!

351 rhea s.andes   (25 January 2017 1:56 PM)
ako si rhea.ni nakawa po kc ung tin id ng asawa ko po na si michael D.andes.
need po niya ung tin number .para po makapag aplya sa work po nia..
sana po ay matulugan po ninyo ako ..agad..
salamat po.,.

350 joey o . neri   (25 January 2017 12:40 PM)
Dear sir/mam
nakalimutan kopo ung tin number ko... pwede po pa send sakin salmt.
middle name:ortega
last name:neri
birthday: may 7, 1987

349 Sanny Gabuco Tayco   (25 January 2017 9:25 AM)
please retrieve my tax identification number.

348 Beverly G.Achacoso   (25 January 2017 7:55 AM)
Hello po!!! Good Morning po. Nawala po kasi yung card ko lumipat po kami ng ibang bahay. Can you please sent mt Tin numbers at my email address po
Name: Beverly Garcia Genetiano
Birthdate: May 3,1975


Thank you po and God bless!!!

347 Emmanuel V. Teobengco   (24 January 2017 3:07 PM)
Dear sir/madam,
I forgot my TIN number.
Can You Please Send to my email
Name: Emmanuel V. Teobengco
EMAIL: emmanuelteobengco@gmail.com
Address:Libis Dike1 Balite Rodriguez, Rizal
Birthday:October 04, 1991

346 Janice Dela Cruz Serrano   (24 January 2017 1:57 PM)
Hi good afternoon.i forgot my TIN number can you please send it to my email address..thank you...

345 kieth joseph b. gonzales   (24 January 2017 10:27 AM)
hello i forgot my TIN number pwd po ba send nyo sa email ko
name:kieth Joseph b. gonzales


344 KRISTALYN MARCOS PAZZIUAGAN   (23 January 2017 12:41 PM)

343 Diane Von Jagunap   (23 January 2017 9:34 AM)
Hi I' m currently in Australia po at need ko ang TIN number ko. Nahold up po ako 2010 at nakuha lahat ng Id ko ksma BIR Id. At need ko po ngayon. Salamat po...
Name: Diane Von
middle name : Juanga
Last Name: Jagunap
Birthday : June 20, 1987

342 June Pearl Urbano Celeste   (23 January 2017 9:04 AM)
Dear sir/madam,
I forgot my TIN number.
Can You Please Send to my email
EMAIL: cjunepearl@gmail.com
Address: Pinagbuhatan Pasig City
Birthday: June 30, 1992

Thank you God Bless

341 SHERYLYN SABADO   (21 January 2017 1:09 PM)

340 Claire Cathrin M. Roque   (21 January 2017 9:37 AM)
I forgot my TIN number. Can you help me recover it or please give another option aside from the written above.Thanks!Please send me my TIN. My name is Claire Cathrin M. Roque. Born on april 11, 1995 and my email is clairecathrinroque@gmail.com

339 Mario Maningas Maambong   (20 January 2017 3:23 PM)
Dear sir/madam,
Please send to email my TIN.
My name is Mario Maningas Maambong, my birthday is May 15,1966.
My email add is mharmagisconst@gmail.com

Thank you

338 mary jane m. paniza   (19 January 2017 2:48 PM)
i need my tin number po kasi kukuha po ako ng tin id. salamat

337 Shiela Mae Miradora   (19 January 2017 9:19 AM)
please text my TIN number , i need it to my new employer
thanks a lot

336 julie ann palma   (18 January 2017 4:59 PM)

paki text po or email naman po yung TIN number ko salamat po
name:julie ann palma
birth date:july 5 1992
contact number:09303825859

thank you

335 Raykey m Comon   (18 January 2017 4:21 PM)
i forgot my tin number.,
please send my email.,

Name:Raykey Manatad Comon
Birthday:june 8 1982

334 Marvin Justiniano Comique   (18 January 2017 12:26 PM)
good noon. my grandmother has forgotten her TIN number.
pls send in my email add. marvincomique@gmail.com
thank you.
Name: Juanita Lizardo Justiniano
Birthdate: 07/27/1934

333 Anroe Capalaran   (18 January 2017 5:13 AM)
Good day.

Pwede po nang paki send ng TIN number ko sa email address ko? Nakalimutan ko po kasi. Eto po email address ko: eurystheus013@gmail.com. urgent lang. Hoping for your fast response. Thanks.

332 Maria Leonora M, Gonzales   (17 January 2017 8:43 PM)
Good day sir/madam
Nawala po wallet ko kasama ung tin# ko...pwede po ba makuha or mahingi ulit ang tin# ko plss response this my message thank you

331 Rebecca Panganiban   (16 January 2017 10:11 PM)
I forgot my tin number. Please send me my Tin number please. Thanks
Name. Rebecca Cabanizas Panganiban
Birthday. August 29, 1978

330 Rebecca Panganiban   (16 January 2017 9:17 PM)
Hi, i forgot my Tin number but i stay here now in Thailand and i want to know how to get my tin number? Please . Thanks
My full name is Rebecca Cabanizas Panganiban
Birthday. august 29, 1978


329 Omar Nazzeiff Akmad Mohamad   (16 January 2017 11:16 AM)
please text or email my TIN number
thank you very much


328 Omar Nazzeiff Akmad Mohamad   (16 January 2017 11:15 AM)
Good AM po Ma'am/Sir
paki send naman po ung TIN number ko please

CONTACT NO. 09058946418
EMAIL . apatdatcom@gmail.com

paki tx or email po thank you

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