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DNS responding only to nslookup in Windows 7

DNS responding only to nslookup in Windows 7

"I have an interesting DNS issue in AD (2008R2) which I can't find a way to debug.
Mainly if from commandline I try"

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"I just had exactly the same issue. For me the issue was caused by having multiple DNS servers defined. My IPv4 settings were set to DHCP with the primary DNS set to my router and the secondary DNS set to a Google DNS server. Although the order doesn't matter.
When I switch to use the DNS server provided via DHCP the issue is resolved. Adding the DNS servers back brings back the issue.

I really don't understand the root cause of this. But maybe it's the same issue for you."
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"Out of the box Windows 7 disables Ping response in Windows Firewall. You'll need to switch it on in all of the client machines. Not sure if this can be done via group policy.
Here is how to do it on Vista, I'm guessing 7 is the same."