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Steel ball for ball mill can be compared to arms for a person

The ball mill occupies a vital role in mining industry. The working principle is relatively simple. The ball mill starts rotating after materials are fed. The centrifugal force produced with the rotation raises the steel balls to a certain height. Steel balls are available in various models, which make a great difference as to the grinding effect.

The steel balls impact the materials under gravity, thus the purposes of crushing and grinding can be realized. From the above analysis we can see that steel balls are the key to ball mill operation and directly influence the grinding effect.

The following is a brief overview of knowledge about steel balls selection. On account of production activity diversification, the demand for ground products grows rapidly. Consequently, the choice of steel balls is selective. So adjustment should be made according to concrete production activity. We supply roughly matching models of steel balls from the perspective of mineral hardness based on years of production experience. Henan Hongxing portable crusher will be your best choice. 

1. The ball mill should be 5 times harder than the ore if the ore is hard.

2. The ball mill should be 4 times harder than the ore if it is of medium hardness.

You can choose steel balls yourself if the ore is of much lower hardness. The ultimate goal is to achieve good grinding effect.
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