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Why my asus laptop is running very slow

Why my asus laptop is running very slow

i had this laptop since one year with i5 intel processor and for some reson my asus laptop works very slow and it makes trouble for me . it takes long to be boot.should i upgrade my ram

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"Hi @Jerin P Thankachan,

What have you tried to do to resolve the problem?

Some examples of what you can do:

Run a complete anti virus scan of the HDD either using Windows defender (inbuilt A/V program) or the 3rd party A/V program that may be installed.

Run an anti malware - example only scan and check the results.

Check your system files are all OK

Start your laptop in safe mode and check the start up time. If it gets to the desktop more quickly then you may have a driver problem. Check that the video drivers are the latest available for your model as they usually cause the most problems. What is the model number of the laptop?

Look in Event Viewer for any outstanding Critical, Error and Warning events that may tell you what is happening. To get to Event Viewer, right click on the Windows Start button on the left side of the Taskbar and then click on the event viewer link. Click (double click?) on any outstanding event (lots of entries)and then check online what it means using Event ID and Source information.

Have you checked that Windows is the latest updates. Go to Settings > Update and security > Windows update.

There are a lot of things that can make a PC run slowly but with a bit of patience you may be able to find out the cause and fix it."
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make sure you un-install all unwanted programs and upgrade the ram. for this kind of issue better contact asus www.asus.com/computer_slow_fix.html restart the laptop once in a week contact asus .for gaming purpose you need more ram .thanks
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When you are having a slow performance issue on your laptop, I know it can be very irritating. you can get it easily fix it. It is easy to troubleshoot the problem. so here is the article to fix the problem.
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Experience (since windows 3.0) has taught me a solid state hard drive is worth much more than ram.
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The best option is to get any and all files that you want to keep off the computer and then just do a system restore. This will remove EVERYTHING off the computer and it will most definatley run faster. If your computer has all these preinstalled programs that you dont want, get the program Decrapmycomputer and it will remove any unwanted programs. Now in this day and age, if you have 4gb of ram its useable but its best to have 8gb if you have only 2gb you need an upgrade but anywhere from 6-8Gb of ram is plenty and useable. If you have that much ram and you restored it and its still very slow, it could be your hdd. An SSD can be a pricy upgrade (depending on how large you get it) but its totally worth it.